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19. marraskuu 2023

We're new to affiliate marketing and choose this app. Starting with the free plan. It is very easy to use (for us and also our affiliates). The support is also really helpful and fast.

We have only a problem with the subscription price. We think it is too expensive and between the subscriptions there are not a lot of more features you will get. The next thing is you can't choose specific items for specific affiliates. This is in our eyes a big minus. It would be great to choose some affiliates only for baby stuff, the others for an specific artist or our merchandise.

Maybe we are wrong and so we apologize and maybe in the future we will rework on our review here.

Battl Victory Records
4 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
UpPromote vastasi 26. marraskuu 2023

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for sharing your true thoughts. We have tailored the pricing plan for different sizes of business, and we do understand that it may not be perfect for everyone. However, we'd love to hear more about the features you're interested in. Maybe we can help :)
On the other hand, you can totally connect specific products (or even collection) to an affiliate of yours. Simply go to Management > Affiliates > Connect product.
Please feel free to reach us via the in-app support chat anytime.

Muokattu 8. maaliskuu 2021

This is the first time i've felt compelled to review. Firstly, I must say the set up is very easy. No complaints there.
However, once it was installed and set up I started inviting affiliates. The take up was pretty quick (4 in 10 minutes/ 12 in a few hours) Thats where the issue is. The affiliates couldn't quite figure out what to do then. and the info was lacking. I created an account and quickly found the dashboard isn't mobile friendly and because the overflow is hidden there is no way to see the full page by scrolling horizontally. 88% of people that use my website are mobile users. Furthermore, after spending hours adding images with desciptions, titles, and links for my affiliates to share it turns out that the app simply shares the image-link and the image. I can't give this app 1 star because quite simply it does work ( to a certain extent) as long as your affiliates use a desktop. Which, unfortunately, these days they don't. The feedback I received was, they simply wanted to log in and share posts/product to their social media accounts from their mobile, to try and earn some extra money. Such a simple feature is missing.
After that I contacted support. When they finally replied, they was very polite but I had to remove the left over code myself after uninstalling the app.

Pierce of Art
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
Päivä sovelluksen käyttöä
UpPromote vastasi 9. maaliskuu 2021

We really appreciate your feedback. First of all, we are happy to hear that you find the app easy-to-use, regarding the issue with Mobile responsiveness, my team totally understands your concern. We are aware of the issue and working our best on improving the user experience on mobile devices. Regarding the second issue with Marketing tools for affiliates, the sharing feature is just one of the options, the affiliates can also download/get embedded code of the media and use them on their own channels.
If you have any suggestions for us to make it more convenient, please reach us at, we will always listen.

25. toukokuu 2020

Downloaded this app to try the free version, only to find out the method to pay my affiliates "Store credit" is only avail on the paid versions. this seems like a feat you would allow for the free version (as everyother payment options is avail)... app looked promising, but now i can't try it out and eventually upgrade my package...

Noin 18 tuntia sovelluksen käyttöä
UpPromote vastasi 9. huhtikuu 2021

This is Stark from Secomapp support. Thank you for the feedback. For clarification, I want to let you know that even with Free plan, you can use any method to send commission to affiliates from outside of the app and mark the payment as paid in the app. That's the method used by most merchants. Please feel free to reach us at . We're happy to provide any help you may need.

4. tammikuu 2022

I’m using this app to help me promote more sale. I can’t say it works or not because I am still setting up and was promoted to leave a review. I will update my review after a few days observation and testing.

Moroccan Corridor®
37 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
UpPromote vastasi 4. tammikuu 2022

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. You must be needing some assistance from us. We would love to hear you out and to have a chance working with you to resolve any issue you've been having. Please feel free to reach us at anytime.

2. joulukuu 2019

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13 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
UpPromote vastasi 29. joulukuu 2019

Thanks for your review, we appreciate it and will definitely work harder to improve the app better and better. If you need any support, just drop us your request to email

2. marraskuu 2023

Global Amazon Secrets
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
UpPromote vastasi 5. marraskuu 2023

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. You must be needing some assistance from us. We would love to hear you out and have a chance working with you to resolve any issue you've been having. Please feel free to reach us at or the in-app chat anytime.