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15 luglio 2024

There are some issues with the app itself. I created a list and sent it to customer service who said all the items I discussed they have IT working on. It has been months though and I haven't seen those changes.

Examples would be when refreshing the screen it doesn't keep you on the screen you're at, it boots you all the way back to the beginning. The back arrow does the same, even though it has a back arrow for you to press when you are getting additional details on a referral, it boots you all the way back to the first page. This requires the user to have to really pay attention to the page they were on in order to get back where they were. Its a time suck.

The customer service team though has been spot on and very helpful. They always take their time to really show me exactly what I need. SELINA and NICK are all I have worked with and they are 5 STARS for sure.

If the app fixes the back arrow or refresh button, it would get 5 stars as well.

Sash Bag
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UpPromote ha risposto 22 luglio 2024

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. I hope you're doing well. We have changed the back end codes so that it will save the filters and paging on the same session (as long as you don't go to another tab on the left-hand navigation bar). It's currently on the testing phase and will be released very soon. We will send you a notification as soon as it's available. I hope with this change, your experience with UpPromote will be flawless. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.

All the best,

9 luglio 2024

Uppromote is well organised and you can find your way around quite easily. They also have a great customer service that always responds quickly and is willing to find solutions! :)

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12 giugno 2024

We only have the free version right now until we learn more about it but are excited to learn the program and get some affiliates on board.

Gwen with support has been very helpful. She is quick to reply and gives concise answers with links so I can learn more. She answered all of my questions.

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18 luglio 2024

I'm really happy with this app and their support team. Most of everything worked right out of the box, and for the things that were a little more complicated, Selina was able to help me understand what was going wrong and to fix it.

Everything feels really solid so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how our affiliate program affects our sales over the next couple of months.

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16 maggio 2024

We are sporting goods company and have been using UpPromote since January 2023. After using 2 other affiliate programs, we found this one to be the most user friendly and effective platform for our affiliates. This platform is easy to integrate and customize when it comes to branding, programs, and correspondence. Definitely recommend!

The Kinetic Arm
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31 maggio 2024

The chat support for UpPromote is amazing! Very timely responses, including screenshots for clarification, and friendly. I highly recommend using the chat feature over email for any support needs.

Nutrition For Longevity Meal Delivery
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17 aprile 2024

UpPromote Affiliate Marketing has completely changed my approach to affiliate marketing. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, even for beginners like myself. Anyway, I must say that Tommy's service is truly exceptional. His professionalism and dedication shine through in every interaction, ensuring that his clients receive nothing but the best. Whether he is addressing concerns promptly or going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction, high recommend this app!

Sovol Technology Co.' Limited
RAS di Hong Kong
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16 maggio 2024

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tommy from UpPromote, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. Tommy not only helped me with my questions regarding an affiliate program but also guided me through the process of improving and fixing our current setup. His expertise and dedication were evident throughout our interactions. Thank you Tommy!

OutFox For Dogs
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12 giugno 2024

Does not work and there is no access to customer service. It has been a year. No one has contacted me. My affiliates are selling things but getting no credit so they abandoned it. We lost a lot of business pursuing affiliates who then thought we were just not paying them for links they could SEE from their end. No response ever from customer service.

CPLI (Command Performance Books)
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2 luglio 2024

Great app, tons of features and complete control over nearly everything. They've also got great customer support, Barney helped me get everything up and running in just a few minutes.

Naos Kingdom
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