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Bewerkt 3 maart 2020

I feel like this is too hard to set up and should be much easier. I can't figure out easy things like telling people the important details about the program before they sign up.

Page A Day Math
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30 april 2023


AI Cash
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 14 mei 2023

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. You must be needing some assistance from us. We would love to hear you out and have a chance working with you to resolve any issue you've been having. Please feel free to reach us at or the in-app chat anytime.

13 februari 2023

1st up, all the good ratings are from customers who installed the app 1-2 days ago. UpPromote is directly asking for you to rate them, right after installing the app. Do not fall for it and especially do not make the same mistake as we did and get a yearly plan.

I would not recommend UpPromote. We started quite good, the customer service before buying a yearly plan was very pleasing. Answered all the questions we had, promised the app could do things, it could not do. Just one example: the language setting. You can set a language for the affiliates and yourself. All the e-mails and notifications sent out are still in English. After reporting it many times the reply was:

"Account language only change the affiliate's Dashboard at the moment. It must be a miscommunication. We don't have any documents in German to make such promise, unfortunately. I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

Which is definitely what they promised via Mail and chat.

This is just one of the issues. The overview of affiliates and referrals is good. But that is just about it.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 13 februari 2023

Hi there. This is Stark from UpPromote Support. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I'd like to clarify the misunderstanding here. The language settings in the app are all about the interface of either the merchant's portal or the affiliate's portal. The email notifications can freely be edited by you (via the Emails tab), and the English version is just our default template. Since you claimed to have more issues, we'd love to work with you to figure them all out. Please check your in-app chat for our messages.

Bewerkt 24 maart 2022

Yes, all the reviews are raving how easy it is to install. Yes, it's a great app to use - set up was extremely quick and easy. Perhaps everyone should return to modify their review once they have used it. The 3 affiliates who have signed up since I set up, most likely sign up to everyone (having researched them). You cannot view the marketplace to recruit new affiliates unless you upgrade. Fine... I upgraded - was able to view - next day decided to go through the process to recruit some affiliates and and now it's not available to view - mentions due to beta version can no longer view. Now I'm thinking the whole thing is rubbish.

Djuna Jewellery
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 23 maart 2022

Hi there! I'm Stark from UpPromote support. We believe that there's some misunderstanding here:
1. It's totally normal for one single affiliate to take part in many programs from different merchants, since it's basically their work to promote and earn commission from merchants.
2. Due to a minor bug, the affiliate list on our Marketplace didn't show up properly on your end. We just fixed that. Now you can go to our Marketplace and find the affiliates you want.
We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to reach us again at if you need our assistance. We're here to help! :)

Bewerkt 19 september 2021

I just loaded the app to my store, onboarding process is seamless, easy. Looks interesting & I'm curious about what happens in the next days.. will update you'all soon. Nah! nothing happened. got like 3 affiliates , but that's it. app was just occupying space on my store. not productive for me.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 19 augustus 2021

Hello there. This is Stark from UpPromote support. Thank you for the feedback. You must be needing some assistance from us. We would love to hear you out and to have a chance working with you to resolve any issue you've been having. Please feel free to reach us at anytime.

25 januari 2022

I don't know how this app got so many 5 star reviews but the app is VERY MISLEADING. In order to actually pay your affiliates you must have the $69.99 / month plan!! Well there goes my whole profit! It's quite embarassing actually to announce an affiliate program and then find out you cannot process payments to your affiliates! If you don't upgrade to the $70 plan, you have to process payments outside of the app. Some of my affiliates have debit cards so I have to now go sign up for some other third party and pay everyone MANUALLY. I am so frustrated because it truly feels like I've been scammed. How am I now supposed to cancel or pay insane amount of money, I barely get any affiliate referrals!! At least make it affordable for people who barely bring in any affiliates! I'd rather have a plan that grows and charge me more the more $$ I bring in. $70 is insane for small businesses like mine, that's the whole reason I even signed up for an affiliate program is trying to make more sales because none of my online ads are working anymore and I'm barely surviving. I thought ok maybe I'll upgrade to the $20 plan but NOPE CANNOT PROCESS PAYMENTS WITH THAT EITHER!!!! Small businesses beware plus a lot of affiliates will only sign up to place orders for themselves and that that commission for themselves like a coupon. I'm so upset I don't even know what to do.

Deja Drewit
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 25 januari 2022

Hi there! We do understand that you, as well as many other merchants, want to do the payments right from the app for convenience. Unfortunately, that will involve the merchants' payment security/privacy (especially with debit card payments). That's why manual processing payments has been the main method that most Shopify merchants do. We always aim for the best experience for our users, so we actually managed to develop the PayPal integration feature so that users could process payment right from the app. We have been trying to look for more integration to expand the in-app payment options list as well.
We've sent you an email with an alternative solution for this. We hope that you could give us a chance to make things right for you.


20 januari 2021

Its seems like a good idea well put together app, until you get surprised with the constant limitations, even on their basic paid plane (which is pretty much useless) it shows that it allows to have a popup after checkout so customers can become affiliates, great right? Lol but that when the customer actually signs up, in their dashboard you can’t even sync it with your shopify system with the same customer!! Oh unless you pay up for another higher paid plan. I don’t like this style of hidden shady pay more approach at all when apps do it, it shows just how much less value the service is and how you will constantly run into surprises. No thanks uninstall

Q by QS
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 22 januari 2021

I'm Michelle from Secomapp support. I'm sorry that you are confused with our pricing plans. In the Growth plan, we enable the features that can help you approach potential affiliates, while in the Professional plan, we unlock all advanced features for those that grow their affiliate management team to a certain level that needs more professional tools.
I think there was a misunderstanding about the Convert customer feature and Shopify sync account feature. We've reached you via email to provide more clarification on these features. Please reach us at for more assistance.