Age Checker Plus

Age Checker Plus

開發者:Northern Apps

Easily add a custom age verification screen to your shop

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Quick and Simple Setup

Simply install the app and enable the age checker. No coding or support request is required.

Elegant Design

The age check screen looks beautiful and professional right out of the box.

Add Custom Page Rules

Only need the age check screen to show on certain pages? Custom page rule settings gives you full control of what pages are age restricted.

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Fast Setup

The app installs automatically so there is no need for you to edit your Shopify theme's code or wait for a developer to edit it for you.

Beautiful for Your Users

The age check screen has been tailored to look elegant and professional right away.

Refined Admin Experience

The app embeds right into your shop and matches the look and feel of Shopify's dashboard. Using the app as an admin is quick and simple.

Only Show the Age Check Screen Where You Need It

The custom page rule settings give you the ability to specify exactly where you want the age screen to show. You can set the age check screen to only appear for certain products, products tags, collections, pages, templates, etc. Page rules can be changed at any time, no need to wait for support to edit your theme code for you.

Mobile Friendly

The age check screen has been designed to work great on all devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

All Text Can Be Edited

All text shown on the age check screen can be edited to fit your branding and language.

All Images Can Be Edited

All images can be edited to suit your brand. This includes the age check logo, modal image, and background image.

Multiple Ways to Check User Age

The age check screen can check your user's age with simple yes/no buttons, birthday input, or a checkbox.

Redirect Users on Failure

You can set the age checker to redirect underage users to another URL if you want to.

Use Forgiving Mode of Strict Mode

You can choose either forgiving mode or strict mode. Forgiving mode will allow underage users to try to pass the age check again, but strict mode will prevent them from trying again for 30 days.

Disclaimer Support

You can add a disclaimer to the bottom of your age check screen if you want to.

Developer Friendly

The age check modal is added to the page in plain HTML and custom CSS can be added to alter the age check screen's appearance.



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4.6 5 顆星

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J Wellness Shop

This app is really helpful and excellent. It has many functions that work well with no issue. I appreciate it. Thanks!



It makes me very happy to hear that my app has been helpful to you! Thank you very much for the review!

Unleashed Brewing Co.

This app works perfectly for what we need! It's easy to use and looks great. Chris was awesome when we asked for help making some customizations - he was quick to reply and assist :)



Super glad to hear that Age Checker Plus was the right fit for your store! Thank you very much for the review!

Kinky Kouture

The developers are amazing. I ran into an issue with the app, reached out to them, and the issue was resolved in less than 12 hours.



Providing top-notch support is really important to us, so I'm really happy to read this review! Thanks so much!