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9 ottobre 2023

I have been using this app for sometime. The recent update from shopify threw some of the apps out of sync. Contacted customer support and within 30min they sorted everything out. Highly recommend and very professional.

Holy Smoke LTD
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
4 dicembre 2023

cant wait to use on the website

Regno Unito
Circa 22 ore di utilizzo dell’app
22 dicembre 2023

Just started using this app. it seems to function as intended. will come back and modify later once i have more feedback.

2 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
11 dicembre 2023

Very nice and basic..all we need.

Pacifico Botanicals
Stati Uniti
Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
30 ottobre 2023

Einfache app mit super online chat support

KMFAP Wineshop
7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
3 novembre 2023

Quick and helpful customer service. I uninstalled many other verifiers then I discovered this solution.

My Store
Stati Uniti
32 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
9 dicembre 2023

So far, so good. I'm a beginner, this app was very easy to install and use.

Curves In The Streets
Stati Uniti
5 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 30 marzo 2023

Simple plug and play app for free, good for those of us who can't code, and you can pick what age you need to set restrictions. Finding this saved me a lot of time, very glad to find this top of the list and I was able to go to other sites to see that others had customized it to their needs.

Seder's Seeds
Stati Uniti
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
3 aprile 2023

The best free app in the age verification field. Clear and intuitive design and easy to learn. Offers many customization options. Definitely recommended.

9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
29 marzo 2023

Great app to simply apply to the regional regulations concerning age limits (in my case for selling alcohol, more specifically beers, online).
Benefit of this app is that you can simply set it as a warning that customers can easily click away, but you can also perform a check by requiring customers to input their date of birth, in which case the responsibility falls entirely on the customer. Love it!
5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app