Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

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Discount products and change prices at the speed of light!

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Flexible and Fast!

Choose which products you want to change prices for and we will do it for you. At ~250 prices/minute.

Schedule and Restore

Schedule price changes in time with no limits and set a restore date if you want to do limited-time offers!

Discover our Price Intel Tools

With our Price Intel Tools, we can give you hints about when to change your prices! See description for more.

Su Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

Why lose your precious time to do something boring like changing prices? Ahia! Easy Price Changer can do it for you, whatever you need to lower your prices for Black Friday or raise them for some of your products only.

“What does this app do?”

Ahia is like a colleague you can ask for help to change prices on your store. All you have to do is to say “change all the prices of my products by lowering them by 20%”. You can do an impressive amount of things with it, like:

  • choose which products to target: all products, specific products, or maybe by collections, vendors, types, tags, and price range;
  • if the basic filters are not enough, use our advanced search engine to combine queries (example: "change prices for all Nike products, except t-shirts") and get an estimate of how many products will be affected, and how much time it will take;
  • automatically round all the prices to the nearest 0.99;
  • add tags to the products you changed prices for, so you can create collections or use them in other ways;

We don’t have any limitations on the number of price changes and products you can work with!

“Will this app slow down my store?”

No way! We do NOT install any code on your theme. All the changes you do with Ahia will be made on your product prices and nothing more.

“Will this app work quickly enough?”

With our custom made engine, Ahia can change up to 250 prices per minute. This is the best performance possible right now and we constantly work on our engine to improve it. So, expect this number to change ;)

“Can I schedule a price change?”

Sure thing, that’s the reason Ahia was born to. You can run a price change immediately or schedule it in the future. You can also schedule a price restore of the old ones whenever you want! A perfect fit for limited time offers!

“What if something goes wrong? Can I go back to previous prices?”

Yes! For every single price change, we save the changes we did for at least 30 days, so you can revert your mistakes and be sure everything is ok.

“Price Intel Tools? What is this sorcery?”

I made this app because I wanted to change prices on my store without wasting time. However, we are working on new ways to help you. Price Intel Tools are a series of tools we are building to use our technology to suggest when to change prices to improve your conversion rate and sales… It’s Price Intelligence baby!

“Is this app Partner friendly?”

Of course! If you are a Shopify Partner and you’re building a store for a customer, you will be able to enjoy Ahia! at full potential. Once done, you will transfer the store to your customer, and the app will remain installed with a Free Plan. No hidden activations or unwanted fees.

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Prezzi 3 giorni di prova gratuita

Free Plan


  • 3 Price Changes / Month
  • Change prices to all products only
  • Low Priority Customer Support

Monthly Plan


  • Unlimited Price Changes
  • Schedule Changes and Restores
  • Highest Priority Support (1/2 Business Days)
  • Filter products to change
  • All-Inclusive

Yearly Plan


fatturato a $149.99 una volta all'anno

  • Unlimited Price Changes
  • Schedule Changes and Restores
  • Highest Priority Support (1/2 Business Days)
  • Filter products to change
  • All-Inclusive

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD.
** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

3.8 stelle su 5

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Black Ink Discs

I use to like it but what it does does not justify the steep price. It just blows my mind that you would charge this month for something that realy should be built directly into shopify for free. Woocommerce can achieve this out of the box and it's free.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

18 novembre 2021

Thanks for your review, but honestly I don't understand why our app should be free. As a store owner and entrepreneur, you should understand it. You have a store and you work with it. You sell your products and make profits.

Our app is not different: it's a business. You can use it to save your time and do something else. Time is money.

I would never review one of your store's products badly because "it's too expensive". If you don't want to pay for it, no one is forcing you to use it.

Or just use Woocommerce. After all, it's free! Why do you use Shopify? :)

All the best
Francesco from Ahia!

Store 974 | ستور ٩٧٤

Been using this app for over a year now and even before when it was free. I found out an issue with the app where the app wasn't able to show all the products, I reported the issue and the developer was very quick with their response and solved the issue ASAP! Happy to be using such an app and supporting such awesome developers.

Studio Six Art Supplies

I have been using this app for almost 3 years now and for the most part have enjoyed all the benefits of the app. It is very easy to use and rarely have we had issues. It has some great options for setting your price changes on a timer. My biggest issue is the slow response from support. If there is a problem, I don't see any quick turn around in response time and there doesn't seem to be a phone number available to call for help. For a paid app, I would hope that there would be more communication available between you and your clients. Very frustrating when having to deal with deadlines and price changes need to be activated.