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i am not able to add this app to my app embed section so please guide me how i am able to do that . that's why i am use this app for my website

AI Stylistが返信しました 2024年1月20日

Dear Customer,

The application has been successfully integrated into your store and is fully operational. There is no need to include it in the embed section.

Should you wish to customize the position or name of the button on the product page, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to assist you with these adjustments.


Absolutely Impressed with the AI Stylist App! I've been searching for a tool that can enhance the shopping experience for my customers, and this app does exactly that. The AI-driven suggestions have not only improved the way shoppers interact with my store but have also resulted in a noticeable increase in upsells. It's intuitive, easy to integrate, and offers tremendous value. The customer support has been top-notch too. If you're looking to elevate your online store experience, I'd highly recommend giving AI Stylist a try!


It needs to improve the app initially ask to the customer information about how is her body without asking in the first place for the cm or inches in the size chart, also the app changes the figure of the garment and increase the size of the feet. It would be easier if the app request the cms or make the question about how the customer would like to enter the information before moving forward.
I also notices that I changed the language and it only changed the titles to the language that I selected, however the other options and descriptions which the customer should select in the process are still in English

AI Stylistが返信しました 2023年10月16日

Hello and thank you so much for your feedback. We greatly appreciate it.
Your suggestions are of great importance to us, and we will certainly consider them as we continue to enhance our app.
Regarding the issue you encountered with certain body and clothing parts changing during the virtual try-on, it is possible that the product look you selected may not be the most suitable for this feature. Rest assured, we are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right product look that will yield the best results in your virtual try-on experience.
In regards to the language selection, to have your chosen language displayed in the widget on the product page, please remember to save your changes within the 'Widget Setup' tab. This step is essential to ensure that your preferred language setting is applied.
Once again, thank you for your valuable feedback, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or require assistance.


Una de las mejores aplicaciones que pude encontrar en el mercado, no solo tiene el probador virtual si no también el recomendador de tallas. Maneja varios planes que se adecuan a cualquier bolsillo. Llevo 2 semanas probando esta solución y en verdad la recomiendo. Espero me ayude a incrementar ventas próximamente. Saludos


I can't believe how lucky I am to have found not only the app but the team, they have (and still are) going over and beyond the help that is usually offered, helping me tailor the app to my Website's requirements.

The app in itself it really good, and easy to use.

I think this is a hidden gem that deserves to get known.

Big Boutique

I was searching for a solution to assist my customers with size advice and decided to try AI Stylist because of their virtual try-on feature. I thought, I needed additional 3D files to make the try-on feature work. However, I was surprised to discover that AI Stylist only requires one photo of the product to create a virtual try-on experience. While not all of my product photos are compatible, the ones that are work wonderfully. Most importantly, I've noticed an increase in conversion rates for these products and waiting on stats to see if the returns are down. I'm looking to adjust my product photography to include more items. Overall, this solution has been worth every dollar.

Your Athleisure Style
AI Stylistが返信しました 2023年5月13日

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with our solution. We're pleased to know that our virtual try-on feature has helped increase your conversion rates and that you've noticed an improvement in your customers' satisfaction. We're committed to providing innovative and effective solutions to help businesses like yours thrive. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing our service!


Everything is becoming an AI-based now and AI Stylist was exactly what I was looking for with the feature to give great sizing recommendation and virtual try-on. Currently, it seems to be working only on a full model images but hopefully this app can soon become available to be able to do the virtual try-on for top and bottom clothing items separately as well.

Vlyvly Co.
AI Stylistが返信しました 2023年3月28日

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and share your experience with AI Stylist. We are glad to hear that you found the sizing recommendation and virtual try-on features helpful.
We appreciate your feedback regarding the virtual try-on feature currently being limited to full model images. We are always looking for ways to improve our app and make it more user-friendly. Your suggestion to expand the virtual try-on feature to include top and bottom clothing items separately is valuable, and we will definitely take it into consideration as we continue to enhance the app.
Thank you for choosing AI Stylist, and we hope you continue to enjoy using our app!


The AI Stylist app has been a game-changer for my online clothing store on Shopify. The size recommendation and virtual try-on features have improved the shopping experience for my customers, resulting in fewer returns and increased sales. I highly recommend it to any clothing retailer looking to enhance their customers' experience.


Great App and simple to use I really enjoyed trying all my tees on and would recommend to others as well.

Kims Tee's & Totes

The app's size recommendation feature is both helpful and accurate. Also, the virtual try-on feature is easy to use - just upload your photo to see how the clothes look on you. The team behind the app is responsive and helpful in tailoring it to the needs of the website. I appreciate AI Stylist for creating such a great app.