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Bewerkt 3 maart 2023

Heavy using this app for several months now and its very good and helpful. Few observations:

1) Be careful with variable types. When you create some type like boolean and import boolean values to it. When Airfields opens and saves it its suddenly string type with "true/false" value in it. Its a problem because all other values are still boolean.

2) When you have Variant metafield you cant access it when you have product with only one variant. I think there should be both options in the menu "Edit product metafields" and "Edit variant metafields" just like Shopify does it with regular fields.

TIP: Its useful to create Shopify definition for Airfields metafields. So they are accessible directly from product detail. Its not possible with all types though.

All in all we ended up using regular metafields if we can because of that.
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Airnauts Sp. z o.o. Sp.j. heeft geantwoord 7 februari 2023

Sorry to hear you're having issues with Airfields. We regret not getting a chance to continue the thread through customer support, we didn't receive an answer to our email so we assumed the issue was resolved at the time. Nonetheless, Airfields has been around for a long time and has a large base of satisfied customers. We aim to make our customers' experience as hassle-free as possible when it comes to using our plugin. We have reached out again via email and we will do our best to find the root cause of the issues you are experiencing.