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1 giugno 2020

Work about fine and then start asking for credit card details on login for "store ownership verification purposes"
As if.
App has been deleted and will never be trusted

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AiTrillion ha risposto 8 giugno 2020

We request you to please give us one chance to understand & explain the query. For the trust, Aitrillion is owned by AAAecommerce Inc, with 10+ various other apps on Shopify, also have 1000+ stores signed up in just the last 60 days. You can read tons of reviews on Shopify by 100's of sellers using it. For your issue specifically, We have a standard way of seller verification of the account. It's mandatory for us to follow industry standards for customer data protection & CAN-SPAM act using the consumer data. Our Ai if detects any anomaly automatically, does ask for store owner verification on the account created by anyone. Sometimes the Aitrilion account is created by a web agency doing the website & the owner doesn't know about it. However, we have many ways of verification, like via phone & domain-specific email submission too. Hence, we can solve your issue by various means.

31 gennaio 2021

Absolutely ridiculous. They charge $58 a month for the "$29/month plan". I was charged the subscription charge of $29 PLUS another $29 for a "usage fee" when I haven't had the chance to use the app yet. Not to mention, Shopify came back two days later to charge me for next month's bill in advance so I'm being charged $116. This is insane and unethical. If you're going to charge a usage fee at least prorate based on actual usage. I haven't logged in my store in a month to even set up your app.

Her Beautiful Brand
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AiTrillion ha risposto 1 febbraio 2021

Hi - Our billing team has replied to you for the same and the invoice are charged correctly. But still, our team will work with you and discuss it in more detail.


Data modifica: 4 dicembre 2019

***Note, long review. Please read in full***
Originally I installed this app as a means to establish a customer loyalty rewards program with a points expiry feature. Since installing and exploring the app now use it for most of my CRM uses. It has email marketing, WEBSITE reviews, PRODUCT reviews, loyalty points systems as well as tiers to reward high purchasing customers. The push notifications let me reach customers when when they aren't on my site which is great! It automates workflows which saves me time in all these aspects plus gives me analytics on just about every aspect. This really does replace the majority of apps for me.
After having the app for a little while the responses for customer service have become longer and longer. Initially they where keen to keep me happy and help me out but the majority of time I'm waiting about an hr for a reply as opposed to a few mins in early stages. This is why I dropped a star.
I have also found the app slows my page down a lot according to google page insights. It was recommended that assets originating from AiTrillion servers be compressed (namely using GZIP). I brought this issue up on a Sunday and received a response Monday saying the assets didn't come from AiTrillion which where clearly identified my google as AiTrillion server assets. I dropped a star for that.
I have contacted support again and received the response "I have escalated your issue to the tech team".
Personally, I'm not holding my breathe for the result.
Update #2:
After a bit of back and forth between the AiTrillion tech team, AiTrillion CSOs and myself. The speed issue seems not to be as bad. I have learnt that google page insights isn't a great tool to use anyway.
I had a scrolling issue when viewing my customer list. I'm using a laptop and after confusing conversations between myself, the CSOs and tech, I screen shared so tech could see it and it turns out I need to scroll with 2 fingers to make the list scroll. This would be similar to using a mouse wheel on an external mouse. It's now functioning. I would usually have uninstalled an app that didn't work 100% the way I liked it but this is worth keeping.
I feel confident that the issue resolution times are picking up and the app is functioning as it should. So I increased the review back up to 5 stars. Now, I'm happy with the app.
I am sad that the chat feature is gone and replaced with a contact form. Having a chat there felt like someone was always there to assist me. I have submitted a form and will find out how long the response time is.
- I got a reply within an hour. Still sad to see the live chat feature go though
CHECK YOUR BILL! The app charged me for 2 usage fees. Minus 2 stars for that as I shouldn't need to keep checking my bill each month. I should be able to trust an app I have installed. Currently on chat to both Shopify and AiTrillion. I will add to the review once the outcome is established.
So AiTrillion have decided to hold an invoice and double bill me! What a bloody joke! No way! DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP! Shopify won't help either. I can't believe they condone these scams. Therefor I hope more merchants speak up. Not only to the apps but to shopify itself. WE CAN BE ONE
These guys ignored my emails as well as shopify's emails for days. Shopify had to actually put app credits on my account in order to refund me. AiTrillion even rang me to ask if there was any issues. What the heck!? No communication between the team. Don't be under the impression this is just because they "messed up" a charge. This is because they don't care either. You're not going to get help, they don't want to resolve issues once they know they aren't milking you for every cent you have. This is the most obvious scam around. At one point in my short time with the app they even wanted remote access to my computer! No way! I hope shopify takes this scam down before anyone falls for it!

Inspiration Online
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AiTrillion ha risposto 10 maggio 2020

1000+ Stores Are Now Powered By . Checkout the 100's of reviews clients just posted this month. We know you are one of our BEST CRITIC & we would to keep critics near us so that we can improve. Give it a try again with tons of new features added in last 4 months. Sellers are saving $1000's of USD during Covid19 . We love to help.

9 settembre 2020

It completely messed up settings of my store. Confirmed by a Shopify expert, it just randomly changed formatting of my product descriptions. I wanted to use the app for email marketing. It is not optimized for mobile (in 2020?!), the quality of the pictures is absolutely terrible and the design was also pretty bad. Sorry for such a bad review, but these are my feelings and experience.
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Data modifica: 23 ottobre 2020

They say the app is free for 90 days.... WRONG... No they will charge you 29 instantly, and with me, I complained about it and what did they do?? Charged me twice, like in the same week of using this. I mean it seems like a decent app, but you dont say its free for 90 days and then act like NO its not. They made it seem like they wanted you to try it for 90 days and get used to it. Well the support has been awful and this is the first 1 star review Ive ever left at shopify app store, but I am super disappointed and feel super ripped off. *** thanks for the lame response and NO you didnt give me a refund at all and you charged me twice..... How the hell are listing this app as FREE? Then you act like its no big deal that you charged me twice and act like you gave me a refund, where? How about two refunds for charging me twice and no I did not approve anything. Why the hell would I approve being charged 29 twice ? for something you guys make it seem is free for 90 days?

The Golfing Eagles
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AiTrillion ha risposto 23 ottobre 2020

We apologies for the confusion and we have already approved your full refund before you submitted the review. You where charged because you have approved it manually and still we have no issues on refunding it and we can migrate you on the free plan. Please let us know if you need any assistance and our team is happy to setup all features on your store.


17 agosto 2022

This app has great potential but the support is non-existent. Out of 20+ tickets they may have responded to a few. The videos they have are great as an overview but there are still questions you'll need answered and you'll be lucky to get a reply. I even emailed them several times with this complaint and no answer.

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AiTrillion ha risposto 17 agosto 2022

Hi there - Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the ticket and I am checking this with the team.

You can also reach me directly at and I am happy to work with you now.

Data modifica: 5 maggio 2020

The level of unprofessional behavior is
Absolutely disgusting your employees have toke it upon themself to stalk and harassed my business with multiple messages on my website and Facebook page commenting how horrible my website speed is, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. I’m the owner of the business and while it’s one of my employees that left the reviews I stand by he 100% and for the record, he uses Gt to test the speed and the app was causing the speed to be lowered and once it was deleted the speed scored increases. I’m filling a report with Shopify for harassment and stalking.

I hate to leave this review because this app is amazing with having everything in one but what a mess, so before I download this app I read some review about the app slowing down

their site, speed is very important for any website I did a speed test with google and my site was A+98 and after I downloaded this app I was shocked with my mouth open because my google speed drop to F-33 like what!!! and
that was after I receive about 30 emails from customer's about my site being slow, this is crazy for one app to do that much damage. I
have 20 apps on my store and never had a problem and google was telling me that this app was the reason for the lower score.
PLEASE FIX THIS because it is crazy.

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15 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 1 maggio 2020

Technical Analysis: After removing Aitrillion, Please check google insights link given below; Your website score is still terrible 31 same as reported to us after installing Aitrillion (It means it's not the Aitrillion App Issue but the Theme of the website most probably or something else) - Seo this google insights -

Hence, it proves Aitrillion is not the causing site speed issue. Like you said it's an amazing app with all at one place (We really appreciate your acceptance about app abilitiy) &; also 1000's of Shopify sellers are using it successfully (See reviews of 100+ stores below. We humbly request you to please let us help you with your store speed issues ( we can find the real issue on the website speed without installing our app. We believe it's a theme issue as Aitrillion is already removed by you & google score is still low to 31 as proved above.

We would love to help you with your store speed even if you have removed our app. Our support team has left you a voice message & you can reach me directly on :) ! We are here to help our sellers & the community & trust out 5/5 other sellers review & 10+ years of experience, we can help in lot of ways.

3 gennaio 2021

This app is not free, nor is there a free plan. This is false advertising. Went to download this app and had to sign up for paid plan. If I wanted to sign up for a paid plan I would have clicked on others that actually the prices laid out.

Ic-Ibuy Direct
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14 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 4 gennaio 2021

Hi Ic-Ibuy Direct,

We do have a free plan and once you install the app, it will install in the free plan only. If you want to upgrade to a paid plan then it's optional.

Please let us know if you are facing any issues and we can also migrate you to the free plan, even if you have subscribed to a paid one.

Looking forward to assisting you with the same.

Team AiTrillion

Data modifica: 23 febbraio 2022

UPDATE: First impression was soooo good BUT the email template are a FAKE. Looking so good, but are totally different! Looks like THE solution! Excellent Support: very fast, detailed and polite information. Thanks so much for your patience and time!

8 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 15 febbraio 2022

We are sorry that you are facing some issues with email templates.
Our customer support will be reaching you to assist you with the same and provide you with all possible solutions for the email campaigns setup.

Data modifica: 28 agosto 2020

No support at all. I asked question couple days ago but no reply. gotta delete app. I would rather pay than having free with no support at all.
For your reply : Why didn't you also state that your staff did reply to me "AFTER" I delete your app and "AFTER" I reviewed 1 star. Clearly that you have to improve your investigation or using some windows of opportunity to justify your app. I don't know who reply this review but your staff who contact me "AFTER" I delete your app was doing a great job.
In brief, in my point of view level of support still terrible. Mainly because "NONE OF THE RESPONSE FROM YOU UNTIL I DID NEGATIVE ACTION" For anyone want to try AiTrillion is just fine but COUNT ME OUT!!!

2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 28 agosto 2020

Customer is always The God For Us :) - Most of our 5-star reviews are clearly stating our support team hard work. We investigated the communication & did found that we replied the same day & again after it the next day. Sometimes/Rarely emails go to spam. Still, we will love to talk to you. Kindly send me email md@aitrillion or give us a call or send us a message on FB page if for some reason you are unable to get ur messages. We will do our best always. Our support is aways 100% FREE.