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1 febbraio 2024

It seemed like a great all in one platform and we wanted to make it work, but too much technical problems. We sent two dozen emails in to try and troubleshoot over email it was not successful. They advised us to book a support call, but their support "forgot" about our zoom call 3x. Yeah, they stood us up 3x. Definitely shows where their company values lie. Not for us. It seems like a great concept though, just not a fan of their execution.

Get Stamen
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 7 febbraio 2024

We sincerely apologize for the technical issues and lack of timely support you experienced. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're working to improve our services. We regret falling short of your expectations and hope to connect with you and get this sorted.

I request to give us one more chance and looking forward to connect with you.

Data modifica: 9 settembre 2020

Love this app, look forward to getting to learn it more. Need the recurring app feature for my website.

Update: app support has ignored last 4 emails about a glitch. Not very professional

ourFlag Patriotic Apparel
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3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 15 maggio 2020

Thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review. We are thrilled that you loved your experience; our staff will definitely be happy to read what you wrote. We put customer experience and satisfaction as our priority, and your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day. So thanks for your kind words and we look forward to make your Shopify Business A Success!

27 febbraio 2021

My popups don't even show, and it's false advertising its not a free app good features cost money. Like I think the app is broken

Harford Road Liquors
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
AiTrillion ha risposto 1 marzo 2021

Hi Harford Road Liquors,

Our support team sent you an email to check and fix the issue.
Our app is free with a limited feature and if you want all the advanced features then you can surely upgrade the plan anytime.

You can reach our live chat anytime from the app dashboard too.


28 ottobre 2020

Inappropriate team. We've been contacted on DM instagram, which is not an official channel, for AITrillion which have been uninstalled just after an hour after it's installation (few hours ago). Someone with the name of shubhangisingh16, just like a previous review down here, contacted us. Is this really what you call to be professional? We are contacting shopify center in order to handle this situation.
About the app, can't say anything good or bad, because we had no change to test it deeply and we wanted to think about it. It seemed to have good potential, but really didn't appreciate to be contacted for its removal on instagram direct messages.

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