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Redigerat 23 februari 2022

UPDATE: First impression was soooo good BUT the email template are a FAKE. Looking so good, but are totally different! Looks like THE solution! Excellent Support: very fast, detailed and polite information. Thanks so much for your patience and time!

8 dagar användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 15 februari 2022

We are sorry that you are facing some issues with email templates.
Our customer support will be reaching you to assist you with the same and provide you with all possible solutions for the email campaigns setup.

Redigerat 28 augusti 2020

No support at all. I asked question couple days ago but no reply. gotta delete app. I would rather pay than having free with no support at all.
For your reply : Why didn't you also state that your staff did reply to me "AFTER" I delete your app and "AFTER" I reviewed 1 star. Clearly that you have to improve your investigation or using some windows of opportunity to justify your app. I don't know who reply this review but your staff who contact me "AFTER" I delete your app was doing a great job.
In brief, in my point of view level of support still terrible. Mainly because "NONE OF THE RESPONSE FROM YOU UNTIL I DID NEGATIVE ACTION" For anyone want to try AiTrillion is just fine but COUNT ME OUT!!!

2 dagar användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 28 augusti 2020

Customer is always The God For Us :) - Most of our 5-star reviews are clearly stating our support team hard work. We investigated the communication & did found that we replied the same day & again after it the next day. Sometimes/Rarely emails go to spam. Still, we will love to talk to you. Kindly send me email md@aitrillion or give us a call or send us a message on FB page if for some reason you are unable to get ur messages. We will do our best always. Our support is aways 100% FREE.

10 november 2020

I don't know about the paid plan, but forget it if you want to try it for free. It's very limited ...

Ungefär 17 timmar användning av appen
Redigerat 22 november 2019


OK... AND THIS IS WHAT? https://prnt.sc/q0rgig

Pura Tribe
23 minuter användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 22 november 2019

Hi Clara,

It seems like there is some confusion. Our team has checked your store and the popup is coming from the privy app and not from AiTrillion.

Please check screenshot here - http://prntscr.com/q0qbea

Still, if you need any assistance, please let us know and we can help you in removing any popup which is creating a problem in your store.


5 november 2020

It has modified my product page and I'm unable to remove the customer review bar even after deleting the ap

15 minuter användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 5 november 2020

We have helped in removing it. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


16 september 2019

I really liked the idea of this app and the quick response to some of my questions. However, the Shopify store lists a 14 day trial and then $9 booster plan. But when you download it, all of a sudden the lowest plan is $29. I do not need all of the features- only loyalty but I was interested in exploring the other options. I have more than 1000 contacts so my price now is $60+. I would have paid that but I didn’t appreciate that the up front cost in the store was misrepresented.

Amber Locket
8 minuter användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 17 september 2019

Hi Laura,
Thank for showing your concern & as you have already mentioned we are very quick in responding to any queries. We tried to reach you yesterday too. Our pricing is very clearly published on our website & is same on Shopify. You were caught in these scenarios within that 5-minute window when we were publishing new discounted pricing for all. Please see on our website we have a new pricing structure "lower than earlier for all with many users" published on Sep 16th itself. I would really appreciate if you can give us 5 minutes to speak & trust you did show in our app. We promise you will love the app & cross integration of triggers between Loyalty, Review, Push Automation. Please email me on md@aitrillion.com & I will work personally to help you.

12 oktober 2020

I installed this app, deemed it not worth the amount they ask for so uninstalled. THEN I got an email asking for optional feedbacK, ignored it to be nice, then received messages thru my business on facebook and instagram from Shubhangi Singh and shubhangisingh16 HARASSING me for the optional feedback, my husband spoke to this person and found out they were from the UNINSTALLED app and what they wanted. I AM HIGHLY DISGUSTED THAT YOU WOULD HUNT DOWN SOMEONE FOR UNINSTALLING YOUR OVER PRICED CRAP APP!

Beautiful Stylez
En minut användning av appen