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20 februari 2024

Very strong on the technical side and how to set up the system but equally weak on the "Why" side and how to market the module. Don't expect to find any examples as a starting point to modle your efforts after. It is so weak that their support doesn't understand the question.

Looking Glass Gifts and Gallery
6 månader användning av appen
24 mars 2022

The support team for this app is amazing. Despite time differences, I still get support replies very quickly. Support is concise almost all the time

LeSportsac Malaysia
Mer än 3 år användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 2 juni 2022

Thank you so much for leaving us your lovely review 💖 If there's anything that we can do to turn your 3-star experience into a 5-star one, please don't hesitate to let us know! Happy to help🙏

22 augusti 2021

please reply my email asap, we need fix the issues, the page is dead.
no allowing us to do anything.

Hongkong SAR
10 månader användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 22 augusti 2021

Hey there! Thanks so much for your feedback 🙏 We've sent over an email to help out with this :)

30 april 2021

I was having a lot of issues with the app connecting to shopify. They were very helpful in assisting me and getting it to work! Friendly people helping me as well. I gave it a 3 because of the issues I've had and the fact that after support they are so pushy to get a review, I get almost daily emails about it. I'm only giving this review to stop those emails.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 31 juli 2019

The app visually loads slow on my site so i have decided to uninstall. Perhaps on your site there won't be an issue and in that case i highly recommend this app. I also had a problem with support though Sachin (founder), upon reading my review, is genuinely interested in improving support and the app in anyway possible which is super encouraging as AiTrillion has the potential to be a game changing app. It was very easy to set up and could potentially save a lot of money. I will definitely consider re-installing in the future.

Simply Customize It
5 dagar användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 23 april 2020

1000's of sellers are not running on Aitrillion. We wish you to come back & try again with 100's of new features helping sellers to boost business during the Covid19 tough time. We really would like to help if you permit.

24 maj 2020

Great support. They have it all in one place, smart pop-ups, email automation, loyalty program, and much more. thx

Royal Shopping Cloud
3 dagar användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 24 maj 2020

We are thrilled that you loved your experience on Aitrillion; our staff will definitely be happy to read what you wrote. We put customer experience and satisfaction as our priority, and your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day. So thanks for your kind words and we look forward to make your Shopify Business A Success! -

We would look forward to have your mind changed from 3 star to 5 star based on ongoing betterment of the system as per your high expectations set for us & that does motivate us to do better.

19 februari 2021

This app does not offer a 'Preview' option or even a 'Go Live' option. These are standard in order for stores to see what features they've implemented.
I signed up for a customer account in my store (Offered by Shopify) to see what the features were. There are absolutely none!
No newsletter or exit intent pop-ups, no loyalty rewards or new arrivals pop-up; all of which I setup & should be live.
Yet when I log into my admin dashboard it shows that the customer account I created had interacted. Proving this are false analytics in the admin dashboard.
When I reached out to support asking how to see a preview of what I setup they sent me a demo video & said if I wanted to preview the features or receive further assistance I would need to upgrade to the paid plan.
I told them I cannot justify paying for something I cannot even preview first to see if it works properly. They then requested to access my store in order to set up the app on a preview theme. I am not granting collaborator access to my store. This app seems to be an all in one solution, one that I would even consider paying monthly for, had I been able to see that basic features worked. As I said, upon testing this as a customer I saw absolutely nothing on my website.
Without a way to preview this how can I be sure it works. Why is previewing this a paid feature when that is standard on all apps prior to going live? 3 stars because my experience proved poor.

Fla Coastal
2 dagar användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 19 februari 2021

Hi - Thanks for leaving the feedback.

For setting up the app features in the preview theme, you need to add shortcodes on the preview theme and remove them from the live theme.

If you can do it in the theme files then that is fine otherwise just to help you, our support team needs access to the store and we can set up the features in the preview theme for you.

Please let me know if you need any assistance and we are happy to set up this for you.


6 juni 2020

This is one of the easiest to use application -I am very Impressed with it for now.Marketing is the biggest nightmare for eCommerce traders

Bush Vibes
Ungefär 5 timmar användning av appen
AiTrillion svarade 8 juni 2020

Words are powerless to express our gratitude. Thank you for the 5-star review, but most of all, thank you for being part of Aitrillion's fast-growing Shopify Seller Network. We are looking forward to your business success story.

18 juni 2020

Kind of hard to customize to your liking. It's average so far. I will update later on. I also have an issue with the review feature, whenever someone clicks it on my website, the cart icon enlarges in the background. Please fix that issue asap

V Beachy
Ungefär en timme användning av appen