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Very overpriced for our needs. Post-sales customer support is slow. The tool itself is pretty quick and slick (once setup, however you will need a professional developer to install it, certainly not a plug-and-play setup. Online documentation and knowledgbase is very technical. Support just send you links to the knowledgebase each time). We have been oversold a package for which we didn't come close to using the quota. Would only recommend for enterprise-level websites.

Snaffling Pig

No longer supported - plan to replace

From github:

"Note that InstantSearch v1 is no longer supported. "

This is the version shopify uses.

In the last week. I have contacted algolia twice for help with things not working as expect. Both times they gave the impression that shopify is not important and would not help.

I wanted to add an exclude for some customers, so some product would be excluded from the search, but this feature does not work. When I asked for help they said the shopify version was not supported.

While the basic search is impressive, adding options as been a problem, with features not working for me.

Update: They plan upgrade shopify to InstantSearch v2 in a few months. This looks to fix my current issues. InstantSearch v2:

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