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14 juni 2024

Took the app off our store since we longer use it- it is still embedded in the backend causing search issues for our customers.

Premier Lacrosse League Shop
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29 mei 2024

Installed app, authenticated to algolia, it asks me to select application to create credentials and 'get started'. Loading spinner just spins and never completes, so I can't even do the basic configuration.

Email Algolia support, get a response 30 minutes later saying because i am on a 'free' plan, I don't get any technical support.

So long story short, can't get the basic app configured, 0 support.

Dhi Ferrari | Cakes
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Algolia heeft geantwoord 6 juni 2024

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We're sorry to hear about your recent experience. Our team has reached out to you via email to offer our assistance. When you have a moment, please reply so we can help resolve the issue and ensure you're fully set up.

29 april 2024

Beware - You will need a full stack developer to install this app for you - no plug-and-play setup. Even for minor adjustments , there is no in-app dashboard to customize.

Vape 360 Uk
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Algolia heeft geantwoord 2 mei 2024

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the setup issues and appreciate your patience. Our support team has reached out to you to see where we can help.

We've also launched a new quick start video this week to simplify setup:

Additionally, today's update includes a fix that might specifically aid with setting up on your theme. We’re committed to enhancing your experience with our app. Please contact our support team for further assistance. Thanks again.

Bewerkt 30 oktober 2018

Let me save everyone some time, money, and frustration and give you a summary of what to expect with this app.

The app itself works pretty good, but the company behind it is extremely suspect.

For the past 9 months we have had this app in place with their premium/unlimited plan. It cost us $65 per month every month like clockwork. Starting in August-September, all of the sudden our bill went up to $475 per month, and then again $475 in October.

When we took a closer look, it turns out there is a "bug" in the app that causes the app to trigger an event which in turn charges us money. So they have created an app that prints money for themselves.

We let them know, and all they did for us was give us a $350 coupon towards one of the months, and said they had fixed the issue. Clearly, they have not fixed the issue. We are concerned how many other customers may be the victims of fraud without knowing it.

We have made absolutely no changes to our website, yet somehow are experiencing a 9x increase in billing. Also very suspicious, this is the only third party app I have come across that does their own billing, rather than it being billed through Shopify.

Now I am having to work with Shopify to get our money back and investigate the potential fraud this company is taking part in. They are extremely slow to respond, and so far they can't even refund us the money, only give us a coupon...something is not adding up.

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7 juni 2022


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31 mei 2022

Unfortunately we were recommended this app by an old supplier and told it was easy to install and outside of the monthly fee it would not cost too much to configure. Upon installation this was in fact not true and we were quoted thousands of pounds to install the app. We then approached the app provider for help and to discuss the issues we were having. The app provider was less than helpful. We were told there was no option to end the contract early even though we have not been able to use the app so effectively we've paid for nothing with no help, support or understanding of the situation. We even suggested a breakout clause paying half of the yearly fee etc. but there was absolutely no flexibility or understanding from the app provider. This has had a huge impact on a growing small business like ours. As a result we would not recommend this app to anyone as ultimately the service for the amount you pay is not there.

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6 november 2020

Not a lot of helt getting started. I think it is quite complicated, so you need specialist to set everything up!

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31 maart 2023

It is very difficult to set up and use. You need an IT expert to be able to use this application.
I've spent days trying to find a way to use it, but it doesn't work.
The support team responds very slowly.

Việt Music
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