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23. helmikuu 2023

I wish to thank especially Ciara who got into contact with me. She was so helpful. btw it was the first time I communicate/interact with someone in this particular manner! it was so nice though. I wish I could help more the way she helped me without any issues and delays. I do really appreciate. Big thanks to the whole Ali Orders Team. keep it up guys. Wish to launch my Shopify Store very soon! @Anarchydeal.com

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31. maaliskuu 2023

I took a minute to work with this app so i could give an actual review on what i think of it by playing with it. At first i was having a slight problem with downloading a product that was not on the find product tab. It was late and customer service was closed but i sent in a request for help. Someone got ahold of me right away and walked me through the process of not only adding the extension, but linking the extension to my store so all you have to do is use the button and also showed me that if that didnt work how to use the product number to add the item i wanted in my store. He went over and above to make sure my experience with this app was successful. As I started working with the app i really like the extra benefits of other ideas related to the product i added, or the product trends. Overall an excellent experience, easy to use and worth it. Thank you!!!

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30. elokuu 2023

They are great support, whenever i run into problem or need help i know when i click the support button a real human will help me until my problem fixed and it just super nice. There is some parts that are not working for me like the extension but the super good support team makes up for it and have worked to help me a lot so i will give 5 stars because i feel they genuinely care a lot about their customers! recommend! especially Lily in support thank you for helping me so many times!

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14. maaliskuu 2023

I do not have access to specific information about a particular new app for checking an online store. However, in general, the Ali ORder app that allows you to monitor your online store can be a useful tool for any online retailer. It can provide valuable insights into your store's performance, including traffic, sales, customer engagement, and product popularity.

A good app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear and concise information that helps you quickly identify any issues and opportunities for improvement. It should also provide customizable alerts and notifications so that you can stay on top of your store's performance and make timely adjustments to your marketing and sales strategies.

Overall, if you are an online retailer, using an app to check your online store can be a valuable addition to your toolkit. By providing you with up-to-date data and insights, it can help you optimize your store's performance and drive more sales.

Couture Cultures CDM
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26. huhtikuu 2023

The customer support is really doing a great job here. When you have issues within this app or even not quite related to this app. They tried hard to help solve the issue and also provide you with good tips. I want to especially thank customer service Lily who was very kind and patient with me to solve the issue together. Great user experience.

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15. joulukuu 2022

I think it's one of the best (if not the best) apps out here, it's so simple to use and you can set it up in seconds which saves you a lot of time to focus on what's important to grow your business, they make your job so easy and finding products\sourcing super easy too, all you have to do is import your product with one click and you're good to go and start selling, plus they have a really friendly staff and they are ready to help you with everything you need, I got my help from Vincent and he was so kind and even gave me tips on how to grow my business, I highly recommend you to get the app 10\10.

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7. helmikuu 2023

spoke with Jennie today... who was able to sort out my query easily and in a very clear straightforward way... as with all the guys I've spoken to over my time with ali orders they all know their stuff and always help you work through your query in no time at all... all those i have spoken to have been fantastic and supportive and so nice.,.. nothing is too much trouble and they always so positive... keep up the great work... and Jennie thank you once again for helping me with my first official order....

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28. elokuu 2023

How should I thank Leo? I don't even know because of his kindness, I had issues with my order for the past 3 to four days it isn't resolve i think I can do it on my own, Aliexpress give me day but Leo came in and the story change, may the Lord make your way prosperous. Thanks thanks Thanks even though I can't repay now i know God will been your help anytime you need Him even before you calls upon Him. Thanks so much

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15. maaliskuu 2023

Shortly after I downloaded this app I got a message from Vincent from All Orders who was extremely helpful. He took a quick look at my E commerce website and immediately helped out with some tips of his own personal experience and wrote out many detailed tips for how I can improve my store. His support is greatly appreciated and I will be using his tips in the future. This app has helped me a great deal and the support I've received after downloading and talking with Vincent was amazing. I cannot say thank you enough. Vincent's a real one.

Signature Electronics
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31. maaliskuu 2023

great app, I can find products easily and add my store with one click after that I can set everything on my Shopify panel, every store founder need this app surely, and they have excellent customer services and people helpful friendly

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