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I am adding to my previous review this one is about Ross she just saved my sanity for weeks I've been trying to figure out how to get my products mapped because they were showing up unmapped on Zoppy and Nobody from any distributor support was able to help me They were all just telling me that it wasn't their products and I was just going crazy and I was at the end of my rope and she just asked me to calm down and she helped me I'm laughing by the way and she helped me through it and we came to the conclusion that I was Seeing that they were only showing from other distributers unmapped on zopi
(which makes sense now that I think of it )that They were actually mapped all along And I really didn't have a problem so finally somebody helped me figure it out and I am so happy Thank you so much Russ you saved me I was going through it and you saved me Thank you so much you were so patient with me I don't know what to do to thank you .You were so sweet and so patient and helpful Thank you. I give Ross a big 5 star review

I am really liking this app I'm glad I found it. I was sacually thinking how nice it would be to have Temu. the support is excellent Scarlet keeps in touch to see if I'm ok with my progress having trouble or not. she is very patient. very knowledgeable has a lot of tools to share. grateful for her. shes a keeper.

Little Pretty Place

I worked with Jeannie today and she was amazing! She helped me with a difficult order and without her assistance it would not have been completed. A very wonderful experience. She was patient, thorough and understanding. I hope to work with her again if I ever experience a technical issue. She's great!


I could not have installed this app had I not gotten help from Rocy. He explained why and what to expect from this app and how to set it up. I commend his support and wish him all the best in his endeavor. It won't be fair if I exclude the rest of the members of the team who helped me tremendously and motivated me to stick around with this new technology. Great job guys and gals! All the best. And lastly, this app will save me a lot of time to concentrate on my marketing effort for the business.

4your NICHE only

Scarlet provided amazing customer service, answered all my questions and if I struggled to understand she always found another way to explain it and show pictures to help me better understand. She showed lots of patience with me. thanks scarlet

Chicago Heights

I just place my first order through Zopi, but I was having a hard time placing the order due to an error message. I sent Clara a message, and she was so helpful! I really appreciate the help! Thanks again!

Hudson Play

Loved! I needed help, and I got it FAST! My mother tongue is Portuguese, and i have my shopify store for a month, was having a hard time!
I started as free, but in the same day i changed to 150 products a month, because it is pretty easy with the app.
They do have a patience to guide us. and now ... finally i can see the light in the end of the tunel, LOL.
A really special thanks to Rocy!
Rocy thank you so much, because i did not know where to start my questions, i felt like you holded my hand and guided me . You asked If i know how to map, if know how to search for similar, and so much more. Very gratefull.


Clara had helped me get through all the steps where I didn't know what to do with my very first order from a customer from Australia. I didn't know that Temu doesn't ship items there and was lost how to remap the product.
Clara helped me step by step, with all the screenshots and typing to connect with me. I was super impress with her service. Thank you Clara and her team! Welldone!

Zabb Sunday

Jennie was absolutely amazing. Helped straight away and even gave me feedback on my website and some advice on drop shipping. Highly recommend!

Ohayo Shoppu

Thanks to Rocy for his work, he helped me and found the product I needed on Ali Express, everything was 100% done, so I can recommend him as a good consultant who will take care of you when you need it. Thank you very much for your work, all the best to you.


Zopi it's a good service and definitely works! the support team is amazing.

Vivian was super useful provided me tons of good information and literally guided me through important processes. Again the support team is superb.

Joli Emporium