FREE Metafield Edit ‑ Alterpen

FREE Metafield Edit ‑ Alterpen

作成: Stock Sync

Manage metafields + edit products directly on storefront


Unlimited custom options

Add custom metafields to showcase additional information for any products in your store.

Quick and simple setup

Simply choose the product and create the custom metafields. You can create multiple metafields for individual products.

Manage directly on the store

Our Google chrome extension allows you to edit the product information directly on the store without any admin panels.

FREE Metafield Edit ‑ Alterpenの詳細情報

Alterpen allows you to create, update and remove custom metafields to products.

Alterpen eases the process of choosing the products in the store and manage the custom meta fields for each individual product. You can also add multiple custom metafields for each product and display additional information to customers.

Just create the metafield in Alterpen and preview the product with the metafield on your store.

Alterpen generates the liquid code so you just need to paste it in the store liquid and it will follow the store theme style and you don't have to worry about customization.

Installing the Alterpen Chrome extension allows you to edit products directly on the storefront.

Edit product fields: title, description, vendor

Edit variant fields: SKU, barcode, price, compare at price, weight, weight unit

Most fields are editable in the Alterpen Chrome extension. And you can save time navigating back and forth to your Product admin page.



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