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2 gennaio 2023

Extremely slow, I was only able to get one item imported. Unfortunately, I wasted the money getting a plan because I thought it would make the app work better.... it didn't

The Bath Boutique TX
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Data modifica: 16 dicembre 2022

it is a nice app, but i was paying the basic plan and they still limited my number on 10 imports.
after my review, they fixed it.
i consider a good option.

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27 novembre 2022

This is so slow and takes ages to download or make a change. I don´t understand how Shopify can support this App there is not working properly. Sorry but this is not the money and time worth it.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 5 mesi
3 ottobre 2022

Installed app, imported (very, very slowly) a few products to test it out. Tried to update the add to cart button to the buy on amazon button and it never worked. It's literally 1 line of code, could not be more simple to place it in the liquid theme file as detailed in their documentation, and it just doesn't work. Tried repeatedly but nope. I'm a developer so adding a simple line of code to a theme file is a no brainer, so this was NOT user error. Uninstalled.

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27 luglio 2022

I installed the App and followed the documentation to add the "View on Amazon" button, but it did not work. The documentation is not very helpful. At that point i sent support an email, and they responded a day later. The respond was to use their documentation, which I already mentioned it did not work. By the way, I am a developer, so i think i know how to edit the Shopify code and paste a line and save. I sent them several emails, they mentioned to give them my " Shopify store URL to send you collaborator access request" I am not comfortable giving them this request, i asked to call me and we can share the screen and I will update the code. Turned out they never got back to me, so I removed the app, i wasted 2 days trying to resolve this. Eugene
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25 maggio 2022

Rohit Khariwal was amazing! He was thorough and quick to fix my store issues. It made it possible to add affiliate products and drop ship products. Thanks, Rohit!

Fashion & Health 4U
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 3 mesi
6 maggio 2022

This app works well and it has a lot of potential for the affiliate marketing space. Our decision to use it for our Amazon affiliate links was the right one. Their support is very quick, effective and Pankaj was always there to assist us with anything we needed. I highly recommend the app.

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29 aprile 2022

I used this app to import products listed on amazon to my store. The support that I got was fantastic! I was having trouble with adding a buy on Amazon button to these imported products and they helped me add it in a reasonable amount of time. Very pleased!

Stress Kicker Store
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3 febbraio 2022

Excellent app, very easy to use for integrating and importing amazon products. Fantastic customer support, highly recommend.

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23 ottobre 2021

The Amazon Associate Connector app is straightforward, easy-to-install and use and is the perfect solution for my Amazon affiliate marketing Shopify store. But more impressive than very useful app is the outstanding customer service I received when I hit a speed bump with setting up the button to 'View on Amazon'. My emails were answered very quickly and my technical issues were resolved to my satisfaction. All my questions were answered as well. Even on the weekend! Highly recommend this very handy app and a big THANK YOU to the creators and supporters behind it!

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