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23 maggio 2023

Simply put, it doesn't work. Error after error, contacting support time and time again, waiting sometimes days with no response. I don't understand how there are so many positive reviews when every single time we try uploading products there are errors on top of errors. 90,000+ products to list on Amazon and couldn't get more than a few thousand listed. What a waste of time. I don't even understand how this app is listed on shopify's app store considering that is full of errors and bugs. cedcommerce before responding to this review, check our support log including the feed error from 3 days ago that is still not resolved.
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15 maggio 2023

The app has many issues that need addressing urgently. Stock doesn't sync and items are oversold. Orders don't sync so my late dispatch rate is through the roof and now I can't upload products due to an error that is not being fixed quickly. The above issues in my opinion make this app useless!

Super E-cig Ltd
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7 maggio 2023

The App Works and has features that can get you setup on amazon. BUT, the invasion of privacy from this app is nothing but ridiculous. They Deliberately went out of their way to get my phone number and text me with no permission and unannounced.

After contacting their live chat for some help with a minor issue, I am bombarded by their "Support Team" On WhatsApp. At first, I was extremely confused, but as time progressed their Support Team would try to spam me and sell me on their services for store optimization and upload. They even created a group chat on WhatsApp specifically for my store.

I have also noticed an uptick in crypto scam texts from WhatsApp and My US number.

STAY AWAY. Use something else.

Republicans VS Democrats
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 24 giorni
26 aprile 2023

Condescending and apathetic service. You might want to rethink this app if you're looking for customer service (and you're going to need it!)

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 11 giorni
Data modifica: 2 maggio 2023

Need to update this.

The app went down for maintenance in the middle of the day without any notice or notification. When contacted the support they had no ETA has to by when this will come back.

H S Johnson
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28 marzo 2023

Beware of this company.

This app charges you for every sale made on Amazon whether or not it is processed by their app. In effect, they are cheating their customers by inflating the number of orders processed to include all your amazon orders. Not just the orders for products in Shopify processed in the app.

When I noticed the number of orders processed in the app kept increasing even for products I do not have in Shopify I contacted them and they denied it. After I showed them screenshots proving their app was charging me for orders it was not processing they then told me they also charge for "failed orders" which are orders not linked to products on Shopify.

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Data modifica: 6 maggio 2023

l'équipe de support fais des promesse qu'elle ne respecte pas.
the support team makes promises that they don't keep.

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12 gennaio 2023

Worse Shopify App I have used!! Have wasted many hours waiting for the 'Dev' team to resolve issues...and they keep coming back. Customer service is non existent with broken promises.

Calendar Club
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 9 mesi
Data modifica: 10 febbraio 2023

I wasted a week, the app after update became unstable, and I kept getting errors, don't waste time, so I hired a support person and stopped using it.

All Love Here
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8 dicembre 2022

Wouldn't waste your time - Expected it to make life easier and quicker yet the app is painfully slow i could list manually quicker - Full of errors - when you try to link products it gives errors such as the images dont match - Don't understand why this should make a difference. Watched video tutorials which made no sense they talk more about how amazon works than actually teaching you how to get this app working - Even during the tutorial there is a dog barking in the background and you can't hear what she is saying.

Zombie Vapes
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