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30 maart 2023

Great assistance from the team. The services were prompt and the availability of the team for assistance is great.

Wear London
Verenigd Koninkrijk
14 dagen gebruiken de app
CedCommerce heeft geantwoord 3 april 2023

"Thank you, Wear London!

We are glad to see your positive feedback and happy to have an excellent client like you. The integration app always focuses on automation. It easily integrates your Shopify store with your Amazon seller account so that your products get listed quickly on Amazon, and your orders fetch automatically from the Amazon marketplace to your Shopify store. The support team always here to assist you.

Stay Connected!

Team CedCommerce"

3 augustus 2022

good support with ced commerce happy to proceed with use
assistant was helpfull and was on time with booking schedule
14 dagen gebruiken de app
CedCommerce heeft geantwoord 20 september 2022

"Thank you, for giving us the valuable time to write this kind review.

The Amazon integration app is useful for new & already selling sellers. We are trying to make it easier to use.

Team CedCommerce!!"

Bewerkt 1 maart 2022

Stores with large catalogues will have slight annoyance uploading products. There is not option to select 50+ (every product that falls under the filter) option which means you have to manually upload 50 at a time for however many pages of product you have. Customer service was good though, I had a representative respond in under a minute.

Jenny Beauty Supply
Verenigde Staten
2 dagen gebruiken de app
10 juni 2023

Seller support is very helpful but it feels like there are unwritten rules for the attributes that one wouldn't know while first downloading the app. Of course, support helped clear this up. I'm just glad someone was able to reach out when I needed it to help me better understand the situation.

JG Retail
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1 dag gebruiken de app