Amazon by CedCommerce

Amazon by CedCommerce

作成: CedCommerce

Selling on Amazon becomes easy with the Amazon sales channel

Product Listing and Templates

Reduce the number of repetitive steps in creating listings on Amazon by using Product Template settings.

Connect Multiple Accounts

Seamlessly connect multiple Amazon Accounts as long as they are of the same country, with your Shopify store and upload products.

Synchronize orders & inventory

Save time by leveraging near real-time syncing between Amazon and Shopify and focus more on other business operations.

Amazon by CedCommerceの詳細情報

The Amazon by CedCommerce App ensures seamless connectivity between the Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace.

☛ Enjoy the free service on App till 31st Dec 2021

Now create and synchronize your listings between Shopify and Amazon to reach 200+ million unique visitors per month on average.

The app supports selling operations on Amazon for merchants in almost all parts of the world right from the Shopify store. The countries currently excluded from the list are Brazil,UAE,Saudi Arabia, Sweden,Turkey,Singapore,Japan,Egypt.

The App allows the selection of suitable promotions and pricing, range of products and categories to sell, choice of fulfilment model, etc., through the app.

Explore further to figure out what more unique features the Amazon by CedCommerce offers:

  • Connect Multiple Amazon Accounts - Through the Shopify store, you can link and control multiple Amazon Accounts and their listings all from one spot, as long as the accounts belong to the same country.

  • All Categories Supported - Amazon Sales Channel allows you to sell products from all categories without any restrictions.

  • Product Template - Create set templates for products to reduce redundant steps every time new products are uploaded by predefining Inventory, Price, etc., as custom rules to be implemented on the products.

  • Create Listings & Offers - Integrate your store to directly upload Product feed from Shopify to Amazon Seller Account. Also, place your offers on the existing products from our app.

  • Sync & Track Inventory in near Real-Time - Synchronize your Shopify inventory in near real-time with Amazon. Also, track them from Shopify Dashboard itself. Perform operations such as editing price, description, and other relevant information without switching platforms and keep a check on the inventory count as well by setting a minimum threshold limit to avoid overselling. Track Product Status highlights, and set auto-delete for inventories that go out of stock to protect seller performance.

  • Manage Orders & Shipment -The integration ensures that all the orders generated for your listings on Amazon are synchronized with the Shopify Sales channel and can be attended to, right from the Shopify panel. Also, get prompt notifications for orders generated or failed. Additionally, provide tracking information and update status for Amazon orders from the Shopify panel.

  • Free 24x7 Support - Get exclusive services that strengthen your presence in the industry by providing aids for your sales operations. Find experts available with Technical and Business empowerment support 24x7. Also, leverage the benefits of a dedicated account manager with years of industry experience for your customized business needs at zero cost.


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Cedar Creek Outdoor Center

The application has had a few small issues, but support is very good. They respond quickly and resolve issues generally the same day.

West Coast Boat Zincs

App works as advertised and the support staff are fast to resolve any problems you might run into. ABHIPRAYA was awesome, easy to work with and fast to fix the issue.


A very good app, can't even compare with the previous one, you can very easily and quickly add everything that Amazon allows, but if something doesn't work out or you don't know, then the guys who work here help instantly, and they can fix everything very quickly, very recommend this app. A big thank you separately for the guys who I work with.