Shipr for Amazon FBA

Shipr for Amazon FBA

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Fulfill orders & sync inventory with your Amazon FBA account.

Fast shipping via Amazon FBA

Automate fulfillment of Shopify orders using your Amazon FBA account.

Reliable tracking updates

The app updates Shopify order with shipment status and tracking information.

Easy and affordable

Get started in minutes. Fulfill unlimited orders at an affordable pricing.

Shipr for Amazon FBAの詳細情報

Use the Shipr app to fulfill orders on Shopify using your Amazon FBA account.

How it works

  1. The customer places an order on Shopify.
  2. The Shipr app initiates a fulfillment request with Amazon FBA.
  3. Amazon FBA delivers the shipment to the customer.
  4. Shipr app updates Shopify with order updates and tracking info all along.

You can also configure to sync Amazon FBA inventory with Shopify.

As an official developer partner of Amazon Seller Central, the app has been developed consuming the Amazon MWS APIs for enabling Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). The app is also listed on Amazon App Store.

Simplify Operations

Leave your stock with Amazon and fulfill both Amazon and Shopify orders with a common inventory.

Reliable FBA Fulfillment

Leverage Amazon's fast and trusted network to deliver products at speed.

Integrated Tracking

Track both Amazon and Shopify orders in Amazon Seller Central.

Instant, Flexible Scale

Store your inventory in Amazon warehouses, and lower your fulfillment costs with Amazon’s competitive rates and scalable capacity.

Improve Customer Experience

With fast delivery, accurate tracking and simplified operations win customer trust.

Auto/Manual Mode

Fulfill FBA orders automatically or confirm each order manually.

Status Updates

Shopify order gets updated with shipment status and tracking information.

Ship Multi-item Orders

The app is flexible to handle orders with multiple FBA/non-FBA items. Configure settings to fulfill partial orders.

Delivery Speed Options

Pick a default FBA shipping speed or configure rules to choose a delivery speed based on customer selection.

Email Notifications

Configure preferences to get notifications for each order shipped via FBA.

Multi-region FBA

Connect FBA accounts from multiple countries and automatically ship the orders from FBA account based on customer address.

SKU Mapping

If the SKUs on Shopify and Amazon do not match- no problem. Simply link the different Shopify and Amazon SKUs in the app dashboard to automate fulfillment.


The app will continuously sync the inventory level on Shopify with Amazon FBA warehouse inventory.

Transparent Operations

Monitor each order via the Shipr dashboard.

Blacklist Items

You can selectively exclude items from being shipped with FBA.

Easy to Use

No technical experience required. Get started in minutes.

Pocket Friendly

Fulfill unlimited orders at affordable pricing.

Save Time

Save valuable time navigating complex transport and fulfillment issues managing Shopify orders.

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  • Amazon FBA,
  • Amazon Seller,
  • Amazon Merchant,
  • MWS



料金 7日間の無料体験


Basic Plan


  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Marketplaces
  • Auto/Manual Mode
  • Email Notifications
  • Shipping Speed Options
  • Tracking Sync
  • SKU Mapping

Pro Plan


  • Everything from Basic
  • Inventory Sync
  • Manual Sync

Gold Plan


  • Everything from Pro
  • Continuous Auto Sync

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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It just works! It does not have to do a lot of things, but those few things it does flawless. I can recommend the app to all whose, who don't have their own logistic center.
We sell through Amazon, Ebay and Shopify and some others for a while now and this little gem has never let us down.

Number 9 Fashion

Rock solid! Too many people download an app, install it and rate it right away. Those reviews are useless. I've been using this app for a while now and have pushed almost 400 orders through it to FBA. We use shopify as our single source of truth and FBA for fulfilment. We sell and sync to Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest and Google shops. And this app has worked perfectly. We've had SKU's stored in two locations and never has stock count between any location been mixed up, regardless of the channel used to sell or if FBA or merchant fulfilled. There isn't much to an app like this - but it's role is critical. Stock count errors piss off customers, cause added costs to reputation with customers and seller channel as it directly relates to your performance as a seller. I tried a few apps and here is the thing, some were so complicated and finicky that I could not trust them. For a mission critical role like managing stock levels across channels and fulfilment you need KISS. I am not using auto fulfilment yet, though I will soon. Also their support is great and importantly they =understand FBA= in as much detail (or more) than Shopify - which is critical.



Thank you for taking the time to leave us such an incredible review. Most people don't bother to leave reviews about positive experiences because they are unincentivized. It's only when we receive such positive feedback, do we rest knowing that we have done our jobs well. Thank you for giving us this proverbial pat on the back, you made our day!

Heritage Steel

After trying a number of different apps to automate FBA shipping of my Amazon orders, this app has proven the most flexible, reliable and affordable. The dev team is very responsive and helpful. A couple of great features that most others don't have:
- Uploads tracking information by line item rather than by the entire order. This is CRITICAL when your orders often get shipped out of multiple fulfillment centers and therefore have multiple tracking numbers.
- Customizable shipping out of FBA warehouse vs your own warehouse based on inventory levels. This helped us out a lot.



WOW! Thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you trusting the app for over a year and helping to share the word about us. We’re here for you anytime.