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Bewerkt 25 mei 2023

I am disappointed with this app as it constantly stops working the redirects to Amazon. It has caused me to issue multiple refunds, which is frustrating. Moreover, the customer service response time is extremely slow. I would advise others to stay away from this app.
I use the free template and contacted them many times. If anyone knows a better app let me know.

The Positive Club
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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 24 mei 2023

Hi! sometimes when Shopify make updates to their Free templates, the ability for Affiliates button is affected for now that is out of our control, you just have to email us and we will make code changes to display the button again as long as is a supported template. I see your last email was in February 2023 and we resolved your affiliate button issue at the time. However we will review this process as I understand the inconvenience

24 juni 2023

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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 30 juni 2023

Hola, Puedes por favor indicarme o enviarme el Link del producto que no se le actualizo a tiempo ? Envieme el link del producto de Amazon para investigar por que motivo no se actualizo ya que tenemos un registro de todos los productos bajo price tracking. Gracias

14 juni 2023

Some listings are priced at "0" and I hope they don't mess me up and sell stuff free..........................

TheFUN® Mall™
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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 14 juni 2023

Hi, thanks for this info. Could you please email me the Products URL that are giving you the 0$ price ? Usually those products are set as 'out of Stock' in the store automatically (when price is 0). Please send the product URL to me at so we investigate it. Was it an import or an automatic price update ?

Bewerkt 25 augustus 2021

Straight horrible hell, this app plays a real dirty trick on a store owner, I've worked so, so, so, hard building my store from the supply theme and just when i was about to complete my store in perfect detail the "buy from amazon" button disappears on each and every product i imported...I am beyond upset the time it took to source and select products and place them in their proper location was mind bending.
And their help center is completely worthless, email after email with no progress, just patronizing pointless, non productive conversation. I've wasted virtually the whole month on this issue...its so bad im demanding a refund for the months I've paid.
Here's Proof their app is no good along with the help center (info@amazonedropshipping): "June 29: Walmart Import Issue is being investigated.
June 28: Download our new Chrome Extenstion to Import with 1 click and Auto fulfill orders. (soon)"
That was months ago and still has not been fixed?
My problem is the hyperlinked buttons disappearance that seem to be a lost cause.

Barginway-Online Shopping For Gift
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Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
11 juni 2020

Hi, yesterday I've successfully imported three products from Amazon Italy into my Shopify online store, but today the App doesn't work: kindly solve my problem, pls. Thx, regards.

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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 29 juni 2020

Hi! There is a bug that makes this happen. We are about to launch the app totally new and upgraded for mid July. This bug will be resolved!. Please keep posted for the new app. UI and experience will be improved and this inventory issue will be resolved.

11 mei 2022

I am the web developer for this store and I found Amazone to be a useless app and it's description in the Shopify App Store misleading. I integrated this app thinking it would dropship from Amazon automatically like other dropshipping apps do (Printful for example). But it does NOT. You literally have to manually go to the Amazon link and cut and paste the information from the buyer manually for every sale. This is the opposite of automation and nowhere on the Shopify App Store does it have the words "cut" or "paste." There is NO point to this app at all in my opinion.

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8 maanden gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2022

Hi. Our app allow users to Import products from Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, AU, ME, BR, IN, JPN, IT, SP, FR and from Walmart USA, including photos, prices and details for each product up to 25 variants . Additionally we allow users to import the product reviews from the page and we provide all product stats (estimated sales, price history, product rank, etc). Additionally we allow users to work with Amazon affilliate program and help them go with DropShipping (correct, for now user has to place order manually but that's it). We have a price sync functionality so product updates it price automatically in Shopify user store when price change in Amazon or Walmart (we are currently rebuilding this functionality). Finally (very soon) we are going to allow our users to import products from any ecommerce retailer (not only Amazon/Walmart) and allow them to sync it with their store in Shopify and we will Integrate finally fully with Amazon and Walmart to allow for inventory syncing and order placement. To give us one star just because doesn't suit your need is hard, if you had a paid plan we could have granted you a refund if you were not happy. Please reconsider your review. Thanks

24 februari 2019

On manage products all that was uploaded are not shown anymore. The app is no longer running anymore.

Gym Apparel 4 you
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
17 februari 2019

this app is down...first of it didnt work so well...but now is all down all that was uploaded cant even be seen.

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5 maanden gebruiken de app
17 november 2018

This app is not working correctly. After inserting the Amazon URL I keep receiving this error message:

something went wrong. Please try again!!

I have emailed customer service about the issue and received no response or fix. This is horrible to have a non functioning app and poor customer service, and just before Black Friday.

Unique Luxury Gifts
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
10 mei 2019

I have had more problems - not importing any variances, not importing all variances, extremely slow, and the newest MAJOR PROBLEM - it started importing to my other store instead of the store I was logged into!
I need a different app. This doesn't even work on my other store and we've lost countless hours of work time dealing with this app.

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4 maanden gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 19 oktober 2019

Hi! today (october 19) we have made the required Performance enhancements! Please I invite you to retry the app again and let me know your experience! You will not be disappointed.! I guarantee you.

Should you have any comment please let me know!