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16 april 2019

THIS IS NOT THE DROPSHIPPER APP< HERE IS THE FIRST MESSAGE YOU WILL GET FROM APP: "Remember you are responsible for placing Amazon order. we don't auto-fulfill"

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6 april 2020

very bad and weak app.
import all prices Incorrect, take care when use it !
and very bad in answering

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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 8 april 2020

Hi. We replied your email in less than 24 hours, I am not sure why you mention about our response time. In regards to prices accuracy, it depends on the product as they tend to change layouts, but is only a small percentage. It is regular process that users send us the URL so we just update our App. I invite you to send us the URL as we requested in our response email. Thanks

30 september 2018

This app deleted my Add to Cart button. I didnt notice for WEEKS! I lost many potential customers! Dont get this virus app!

Lit Pillows
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14 juni 2023

Some listings are priced at "0" and I hope they don't mess me up and sell stuff free..........................

TheFUN® Mall™
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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 14 juni 2023

Hi, thanks for this info. Could you please email me the Products URL that are giving you the 0$ price ? Usually those products are set as 'out of Stock' in the store automatically (when price is 0). Please send the product URL to me at so we investigate it. Was it an import or an automatic price update ?

16 mei 2018

Not sure why every item I chose to download to my site says 'Out of Stock', but on the Amazon site is was IN STOCK. I tried with several items, once on my site, it says Out of Stock.

Sue Tracys Gifts
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34 minuten gebruiken de app
5 februari 2019

I tried to use this app to import products from and it didn't work. Today is February 5 2019. I will try another app that works

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30 november 2018

This app is not working correctly. After inserting the Amazon URL I keep receiving this error message:

something went wrong. Please try again!!

kicks closet nyc
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12 oktober 2018

BEWARE!!!!! After Installing the App - I had no sales for 2 Day. ADD TO CART Button was removed from all existing products.

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