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3 maart 2024

not sure yet just imported item and already prices not correct

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Ongeveer 2 uur gebruiken de app
30 december 2023

excelente tem me ajudado muito recomedo
3 maanden gebruiken de app
17 april 2024


Mind Stimulators Online Store
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17 minuten gebruiken de app
11 september 2023

Does not add all of the pricing. Shows 100% profit for any price you put in, when in actuality it just did not add the price/

Snuggle Joy Kids
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 13 september 2023

Hi, can you send to me the product is not adding all prices to give a check ? is it a Walmart product ? please Let me know happy to review. In regards to profits those are set by the user, not us.

4 juni 2023

I'm trying to work and the App POP up insists I leave a review so to stop the popup heres my review.

Americana Cane Corso
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5 dagen gebruiken de app
PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 14 juni 2023

Thanks for the comment. If you click in the 'X' of the modal it shouldn't have showed more. Anyways we will double check it. Thanks

9 september 2023

i really like it

Choies International
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27 dagen gebruiken de app
16 april 2023

i have been using this app for about a year now, i have had some successes and some failures. Not all Amazon products link to Amazon Only giving the buyer an add-to-cart option. so the customer has to buy from my website and then i have to order from Amazon myself.. Not good!

Cash Your Greens
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PLI Negocios heeft geantwoord 17 april 2023

Hi. Thanks for your comments. If your Affiliate product is not linking to Amazon product it might be given Shopify updated the store template you were using. You just need to email us and we will make the update for Affiliate links to display with the upgraded store template, this way your client will always go directly to Amazon. On the dropshipping side, we will finally implement the automated order fulfillment/preparation service for some specific plans.

Bewerkt 10 september 2023

I can not link my products with amazon on Shopify. The button doesn't appear I am losing sales because of it.

Sept 10,2023
I've been contacting them to resolve a small error since the upgrade..but I have not heard back from them. Sadly it's been a few months. I was really hoping to give a higher rating. I loved the services when it was working on my site. It was a quick upload and done. But now, my products are uploaded, I only have 3 to intergrate but the site is saying that I've exceeded my allotted 10 items. I truly hope I can get some help with this issue.

BlackCherokee 1 Tribe
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3 juni 2019

Je suis satisfait de l'application mais ça serait mieux de mettre un tutoriel sur les commandes et les suivis pour voir facilement le statut. En faites j'avais eu deux première ventes sur mon site et là j'arrive pas à voir ou en est la commande.

Fleur Sublim
9 maanden gebruiken de app
23 mei 2019

Looks ok. Performs ok. I wIll revisit and update review once I've played with it a little. It'a a little early to tell. Only wrote this to stop the annoying popup asking for a review so soon after installation.

Shirts and Giggles
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