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Great app for our Shopify store. The creator of the app is also very helpful as well. I definitely recommend using this app if you are wanting to host live sales on your website.

Joce By Design

I have been using this app for a few weeks and am very excited about the possibilities. It allows you to live sell right on your website. My customers are thrilled with how easy it is for them. I highly recommend it.

Steel Pony

LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. It is new and still improving (quickly), but the developer responds immediately to feedback and integrates suggestions quickly and efficiently. It works really well and is easy to use. I know this is going to be a game changer for our business in the very near future and I'm so glad I took a chance on this app. Highly recommended!

Tiare Rose
Live Shopping by Amperstandが返信しました 2021年2月2日

Hi Tiare Rose, we greatly appreciate the review! Super excited to continue working with you and adding value to your business! Thanks so much for being so helpful with all the feedback & suggestions!


Our team is very satisfied with this app so far.
This is a very useful app for live streaming with good functions. We just look forward to more options to customize or choose a design for the main page.

Live Shopping by Amperstandが返信しました 2021年5月27日

Thanks so much for the kind review! Excited to continue working together!


This livestream shopping app is so cool! I really love the extras added to it... the confetti when spotlighted items are added to the cart, the giveaways, quantity for spotlighted items highlighted, the share options, I love that it shows in the convo when items are added to someone's cart, and that it records the convo for the replay :) Well done, these are really great features that will add to people's shopping experiences! The support has been top-notch! If I ran into any challenges or had questions, Mark was fast to respond and was very helpful. Thank you so much for making this app so great! And thank you for making this an affordable app too! Many of the other livestream apps are charging a lot more and have a bunch of extra fees, and from what I saw, those apps didn't have the extra bells and whistles that this app has. I'm so grateful for this app... THANK YOU!!

Krystal | 828 Jewels

I really waiting a long time before writing this review as the app was AMAZING when I first started using it back in October. I loved everything about it and was really looking forward to this being a wonderful way for me to do live sales directly on my Shopify store. Unfortunately, it stopped working right before Black Friday weekend and I haven't been able to use it since. The team is super-responsive to email requests and every time I email, they say they are still working on it. However it has been almost two months now with no resolution. I really just wish it would work again because I can see SO much potential for what they can do with this app and how wonderful it could be for store owners. Guys, I REALLY want to be able to use this!!!

Sara Bryki Co.

ask them 3 times that my clients on IOS is having problem. 2 times they replied and said will find out but never once got back. 3rd time totally no reply. After i cant see my own live screen, i cancelled the subscription and messaged them twice. AGAIN NON REPLY ! deleted the app, checked billing and amperstand was not in it, tot everything was ok...... WRONG ! Was charged again yesterday and now had gotten Shopify very efficient guys to help me reverse the payment or refund it VERY VERY DISSAPOINTED !


can i use the app by computer not by mobile?
i need to use the professional camera to live stream.can you fix it ,i really need this function

Live Shopping by Amperstandが返信しました 2021年10月30日

Hi there, thanks for leaving a review. Currently the app only allows live-streaming via the mobile apps rather than computer, as that is how most sellers have preferred to use the app.

However, this is a feature we're working on, so should hopefully be available in a few months time :)


Really straight forward and easy to use app! We've been looking for a simple live shopping app for a very long time. I love that we can have products pop up on the side as we're talking about them. Very simple to use as the host and as the audience too . Girish, the developer is amazing and quick to answer all our questions and concerns. We're looking forward to using this as a tool to drive sales and will continue using it consistently .