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Simple Automated data analysis to boost sales and grow revenue

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1. Automate Data Analysis

AnalyticaBI automated data analysis processes, and provides powerful dashboards for you to make decisions.

2. Segment Customers

Because knowing and segmenting your customers, drives growth.

3. Recognize what sells

Learning about each product and how it’s performing facilitates their marketing and sales for you.

Su AnalyticaBI

AnalyticaBI is a data analysis, business intelligence solution that empowers ecommerce through providing 360 ͦ analysis to make growth as easy and reachable for them as possible.

AnalyticaBI automates your data analysis: see all of your data (traffic, cohort, customer segmentation, CLTV, conversion rate, product segmentation, etc.) in one report so that you have all the data you need in order to understand your customers and your products and to grow your sales.

AnalyticaBI empowers E-commerce businesses by:

  1. Traffic Analysis: all you require to know about your visitors including information about your users, customers, and referrers.
  2. Cohort Analysis: AnalyticaBI’s cohort analysis allows you to see different information about your customers such as their segmentation based on their buying behaviors, so that’s you’ll understand them better.
  3. Sales Analysis: aids you in understanding your Business’s sales, performance, and revenue a long time.
  4. Product Performance: Product performance analysis helps you see how your products are performing and how revenue they’re bringing. Also, get product recommendations to each customer segment.
  5. Abandoned Cart Analysis: this analysis makes you understand the nature of your abandoned carts; which products get abandoned, when they get abandoned and by which segment of customers.
  6. ABC Analysis: ABC-XYZ analysis is a product segmentation analysis, it shows which products are generating revenue and which ones are most frequently returned. Also, see the seasonality of your products.

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  • Sales Volume
  • Number of Orders
  • Traffic Sources
  • Most Selling Items
  • Sales across time
  • Share Reports



  • Freemium +
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Sales Analysis
  • Performance Tracker
  • Products Performance and abandoned cart analysis

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North Africans

It's so helpful to track the performance across different platforms
and they help us with Customer Segmentation, Performance Tracker and Products Performance analysis, and abandoned cart analysis High recommended