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Angle 3D Configurator

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Offer 3D product customizations and boost conversion

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Increase customer engagement

Offer a 3D product visualization and customization experience to your customers. It will increase their engagement and skyrocket sales.

Easily manage variants

Easily bind variants to your 3D customization options. Once binded, no extra work is required to determine product pricing.

Boost conversion with AR

Enhance user experience with Augmented Reality. Your customers will be able to view your 3D product in real space via their phone's camera.

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The Angle 3D Configurator app lets you create a 3D product customization experience for your customers. Allow anyone to fully engage with your products with photorealistic details.

All you need to get started with Angle, is a 3D model of your product. Take pictures of all angles of your product and find a 3D artist that will create the 3D model for you. Check out our "Get started with 3D on Shopify" guide on our website for all information on how to get into 3D products.


  • Create your own customization options (Color/Textures or Product variation):

    1. Select a specific 3D model component
    2. Determine the different values for this customization option
  • Easily bind variants to your 3D customization options. Once binded, no extra work is necessary to determine pricing and you make sure your customers will add the right variant to their cart. You can also bind customization options to different product pages (If you don't use variants)

  • Offer an Augmented Reality experience to your customers to view your 3D products in real space through their phone's camera.

  • Add text engraving on your product to allow your customer to enter custom text.

  • Create Custom Pricing to avoid Shopify variant limits

  • Create conditional options logic

  • Export product pictures of all customization options combinations in one click. This is useful to have the right variant image displayed at checkout (3D models are not displayed at checkout). It is also a great way to easily generate product visuals for your next marketing campaign for example.

  • No code required, and no third party integration. The app is totally integrated with the Shopify ecosystem.

  • Super easy to integrate on your store

  • Totally customizable user interface to match your store design

  • App available in English and French

Please note that the app is not yet supported on Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge.


You soon also be able to:

  • Create 3D animations to increase user engagement even more.

  • Add annotations to 3D model to highlight product features.

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Prezzi 14 giorni di prova gratuita

Basic plan


  • 3D Product Configurator

  • Augmented reality

  • Up to 10 products

  • Up to 10 textures per product

Premium plan


  • 3D Product Configurator

  • Augmented reality

  • Up to 40 products

  • Up to 40 textures per product

  • Text engraving

  • Conditional options logic

Unlimited plan


  • 3D Product Configurator

  • Augmented reality

  • Unlimited products

  • Unlimited textures

  • Text engraving

  • Conditional options logic

  • Image upload

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Crim Wear Co

Id give this 10 stars if I could. I never do reviews but this deserves one. There is nothing that exists like it, worth every cent! So powerful, every single customization option available, there is not one thing this app cant do. I've pushed it to its limits and it doesn't even hiccup!! WELL DONE!!!!


This is the very best 3D product customizer available! I have tried lots of them including Vectary and others on the Shopify app store, and none come close to the quality and polish of Angle3D. Everything is customizable to match your store, the support team is also very fast and professional.

Black Power LLC

Not only is this the best 3D Configurator app on Shopify (and most Affordable), but hands down the best customer service I have ever received with an app purchase on ANY platform. If you are new to 3D product customizers or just 3D models in general, this is the app for you. Maël will work with you and answer any question you have to get started. There are so many hidden features that aren't even advertised. I had ZERO experience with 3D models and customizers when downloading the free trial, and Maël volunteered to meet with me for a few one-on-one sessions to get me up and running. I did not even reach out to him. He followed up with me to see if I was having a good experience with the app. That alone has earned a lifetime of support, as he has saved me countless hours of research and trial & error. I wish him much success on such a great product.