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Data modifica: 19 maggio 2023

This app is very useful and reliable when we need to quickly create attention-getting, easy-to-read customer messages. Remi was very helpful and thorough in responding to my inquiry. Looking forward to enhanced features down the road.

Ink Genie
Stati Uniti
Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
27 ottobre 2022

REALLY easy to setup and really flexible to add everything we needed
And support was quick and effective when I needed it.

5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
2 novembre 2022

Very useful, although it could use some bulk editing capabilities and some automated personalized copy per geo for example.

Rouge Care
Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
25 settembre 2022

Gerade installiert. Die ersten Schritte super easy und man kann sein eigenes Design erstellen. Starkes Ding
8 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
12 agosto 2022

Works well for free for having one bar in your shop! If you need more than one, you should use another app or pay for a subscription.

Paesi Bassi
12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
AppHero ha risposto 12 agosto 2022

We believe there is a misunderstanding. You can create an unlimited number of bars in the Free plan. If you need help creating more bars please don't hesitate to contact our support team

15 luglio 2022

As a one person business I sometimes close for a vacation. It's always been a challenge to "get the word out there" as to when I'll be closed. I use the banner to announce my "will be closed" dates well in advance and when I am away. It was easy to set up, but when I went to edit the banner I had already made, it was not obvious how to do that. It didn't take long to figure out, it just wasn't obvious. I like that I can have more than one banner and that I can place banners on either all pages or specific pages. I use a second banner on my shipping page. I also love how they look and that they are obvious.

Farthingales Corset Making Supplies
Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 18 ottobre 2021

It worked alright until they enacted a mandatory update and requested access and editing permissions to all of my customer data. This seems completely unrelated to the actual functionality of the app and was never required in previous versions to work. Update: I was contacted after giving this feedback to AppHero and the reason for the updated permissions is for a feature to allow customers to enter their emails in the banner. Shopify only allows bulk permissions to user data, rather than have it more modular and specific, which would make more sense. The developers said they don't read customer data, but it is hard to confirm that so it is based on trust.

Tersaknives Inc.
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
19 agosto 2021

Facile d'utilisation et très flexible. Déjà pas mal de possibilités avec la partie non payante. Je vais regarder par la suite pour le module payant.

Coeur d'essences
10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 8 giugno 2022

Usé la modalidad de "compra X y te daremos uno gratis" y me da buenos resultados. Siempre recomiendo hacer una prueba antes de aprobarla al público

Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
26 giugno 2020

Easy to use, install and setup. Would love the ability to change 'rotating' speed - but overall very good app.

Greenhouse Interiors
Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app