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7 gennaio 2019

I use this app to create important announcements for my customers, its so simple to use, the only thing is with the images you can't put them in the location of the banner you want them to be

Kitaka Of London
Regno Unito
12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 18 ottobre 2021

It worked alright until they enacted a mandatory update and requested access and editing permissions to all of my customer data. This seems completely unrelated to the actual functionality of the app and was never required in previous versions to work. Update: I was contacted after giving this feedback to AppHero and the reason for the updated permissions is for a feature to allow customers to enter their emails in the banner. Shopify only allows bulk permissions to user data, rather than have it more modular and specific, which would make more sense. The developers said they don't read customer data, but it is hard to confirm that so it is based on trust.

Tersaknives Inc.
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
19 agosto 2021

Facile d'utilisation et très flexible. Déjà pas mal de possibilités avec la partie non payante. Je vais regarder par la suite pour le module payant.

Coeur d'essences
10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
8 settembre 2020

Easy to use, no hidden agendas, simple and fast! The only thing that was annoying was having to have a minimum of 100 characters for this review.

Seasonal Farmers Market
Stati Uniti
9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
12 agosto 2019

This app is great for making simple announcements. Thank you for the free version. The pro version allows you to target specific customers, e.g, by location. I'm satisfied with the app performance but I wish the pro version was a cheaper.

Le Ravishe
Stati Uniti
9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
9 ottobre 2019

O módulo é Bem simples de utilizar, mas poderia ter mais recursos, como efeitos, opções de carregar imagens para o banner, etc...

9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 3 maggio 2020

I used this app to display a message to my audience and it does a great job!! I think paying 10$ a month is worth it!!

8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
9 settembre 2020

My last app expired so I needed something quick and easy. This was a great replacement. Simple and straight forward.

Arikah's Boutique
Stati Uniti
8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
22 luglio 2020

Simple and must have app ! This would be perfect if the Free plan counted visitors instead of impressions !

Self Defense Spartiate
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 8 marzo 2019

Seems to work well

"All Things Rugby"
Nuova Zelanda
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app