Product Questions & Answers

Product Questions & Answers

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Answers questions with product details, Q&A, and customers.

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Auto-Answers with Product Info

Answerbase automatically answers up to 80% of questions by auto-suggesting answers from your product information and questions and answers.

Product Questions and Answers

Product questions and answers on your product pages converts up to 75% of customers who ask questions into a sale while reducing inquiries.

Collection Questions & Answers

Add Q&A to your collections pages, automatically answering common collections questions and enhancing collection page SEO.

Over Product Questions & Answers

What is Answerbase's Product Questions & Answers?

Answerbase provides the most robust ecommerce questions and answers platform on the market, ensuring that your users get quick answers to their questions related to your products, collections, or services through questions and answers, articles, and documentation.

Answerbase first checks if an answer we can autosuggest to the visitor that is already available in your existing product descriptions, specifications, or knowledge base. If not, customers can easily post their new question to continue to build on the knowledge base for future customers.

Answerbase integrates relevant content seamlessly into your product pages, collections pages, and also builds a knowledge base that your customers can access to address their questions and move them onto the sale.

Benefits of using Answerbase

  • Automatically answers up to 80% of customer questions
  • Up to 75% of the questions answered through Answerbase convert to a sale
  • Product questions & answers knowledge base grows organic traffic up to 4x

Seamless integration

  • Integrates with chat providers like Gorgias and Comm1
  • Knowledge base can be configured within a subdirectory of your site
  • Question and answer widgets integrated into product and collections pages

Customer self-help community (optional)

For merchants who want to enable community support, Answerbase enables you to have other customers who have ordered your products contribute their expertise and experiences to the knowledge base through community Q&A. For merchants who are interested, this is an option to enable to support a self help community.

How do I get started?

Simply click the "Add app" button to start your **30 day free trial** today.

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Meest recente recensies

QL Claw

Free consultation helped me set this up swiftly. Formatting was a little confusing at first, but very easy to use and configure with time.

Fathom Offshore

Design, optimization, and support are fantastic. Great support, the folks at Answerbase are quick to respond. From a technical perspective, this is one of the better products for link building. They will create a proxy for you, and help you set up a subdomain if that fits what you're doing. They've been building social Q&A's for a long, long time and understand the technical bits that make them successful.

Monroe & Kent Home

The support from this app is first class. We installed the app and I wanted to put the code underneath some tabs that we have on the product page. This company did it in lighting fast time. For the monthly subscription this is by far the most feature rich Q&A app on here!