Ant Geo Blocker

Ant Geo Blocker

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Geo Blocker, VPN Blocker

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Select unwanted countries

Easily select the country you want to block viewing of your site.

Auto detect visitors country

Unique anti-spoofing technology adds a layer of protection to ensure visitors do not bypass it.

Protect your store

Save time, effort, and money by protecting your store from unnecessary visitors.

Su Ant Geo Blocker

Geo Blocker By PB Apps

Prevent visitors from countries that do not allow products to be sold from viewing your store. Stop wasting time and money on fraudulent transactions, expensive kickbacks, shipping puzzles, and support hassles.

If you provide Psychedelic, tobacco, or marijuana-related items, you should only allow visitors from countries that allow the sale and consumption of these products. If your store serves alcoholic beverages, you should stop countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. If you sell adult products, you should block countries like Maldives and the United Arab Emirates. Block countries where you can't ship and countries where you may have experienced fraudulent transactions before.

Protect your business and reputation with the easiest-to-use location interception system.

Easy Setup

Just add the country you want to block and you're done.

Easy To Style

You can easily set colors, fonts, sizes and other styles

English & Chinese locale support

We'll add more languages.

Powerful Anti-Spoofing Technology

Our technology adds an additional layer of protection and ensures that visitors cannot use simple escape techniques such as HTTP head spoofing or VPN.


  • Super Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Elegant Design
  • Responsive
  • One Click Install
  • Easy to Disable
  • Anti-Spoofing Technology
  • Supports All Countries
  • No Bloated Frameworks
  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • Works with ALL Themes
  • No Coding Required
  • Free Support

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  • Informativa sulla privacy

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5.0 stelle su 5

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The team behind this app are fantastic. When I needed support, they were immediately in touch and helped me solve my issue quicker than I could have imagined. Highly recommend.


Outstanding support and really nice app for geoblocking! I would gave 10 stars, really recommend to buy this app! You can easily block unwanted countries in less than a minute.