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16 januari 2024

Unfortunately, the app didn't meet my expectations as it didn't provide the assistance I was hoping for. However, the bigger concern arose when it left a significant amount of leftover code in my theme files. I reached out to the app support team but received no reply. I attempted to resolve the issue on my own, searching for articles on how to remove the leftover code, but to my surprise, I couldn't find any guidance.
This experience has been frustrating, as cleaning up unnecessary code is crucial for website performance. I hope the app developers address this issue promptly and provide better support in the future.

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
OnVoard heeft geantwoord 17 januari 2024

I didn't receive any emails from your store "osogold". Can you confirm with me the emails you used for sending and make sure you indicate your shopify store url? Or open a ticket at

For your issue. Are you sure our script is loaded on your store? AFAIK, I've looked at your store and none of our scripts are loading. Just go to your source code and search for "onvoard" and you can't find any.

The uninstallation note is here (for old installation) but you don't need to use it since we've now switched to app block and everything is automatically removed on uninstall.

In your case, we're using app block and scripts are automatically removed when you uninstall our app. We didn't left any code on your site.

I hope you can be kinder and update this review. It's not nice to receive 1-star review for something we didn't do.

3 september 2023

Doesn't work. Wasted tons of time trying to setup. Annoyed by these apps that waste your time. I uninstalled it.

Pure Velvet Extracts
Verenigde Staten
13 minuten gebruiken de app
OnVoard heeft geantwoord 4 september 2023

Hi there, I can assure you the app is 100% working as we have many merchants running it live and using our paid plan. If it doesn't work I'm sure they won't be happily paying for our app.

We also have full setup guide to help you setup.

Just looked at your installation logs it seems that you uninstall the app 14 mins after installing it. If you require assistance, I'll be happy to help you setup like I did for many other merchants.

19 november 2022

*****AVOID****-No clear way to delete this app which is a red flag. The app did not work. This is an advanced app not plug and play. Service non-existent.

Motolife, Inc.
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40 minuten gebruiken de app
OnVoard heeft geantwoord 19 november 2022

Hey I already replied to help you check within 15 mins of your support ticket. See proof.

Today is 20th Nov 2022 and it's Sunday. Are you even able to reply to your users within 15 mins on a weekend?

Can you be a little reasonable?

Update: I've ban the user. Totally unreasonable. Our previous users can attest the quality of our app and I don't want to work with unreasonable people.

- No way to delete the app? Man come on there's an uninstall app option in Shopify.
- The app did not work? Well I'm always there to help and there's a clear doc to help setup.
- Didn't reply within a few mins = service non-existent?