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28. kesäkuu 2024

I would recommend Apliiq for Print on Demand (POD) due to the ease of creating your brand. However, there are some areas that need improvement. Creating variants can be a bit confusing, and the response time from customer care via chat is slow. On a positive note, David is always great to work with. If these issues were addressed, Apliiq would definitely deserve a 5-star rating.

Legacy Code
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12. tammikuu 2021

They have many items and look very good. I emailed them twice and haven't gotten a response, which is making me semi-skeptical about moving forward with them.
3 stars for their incredible customization and options (would be ten if they had better customer service.)

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4. kesäkuu 2021

The idea of this company is great. Definitely an excellent way to get a clothing line off the ground for little to no money. Two complaints about the app though: 1. There seems to be no order in which shipments will go out. You would think they released orders chronologically (orders that were placed first were also shipped first—not the case!) 2. (The biggest one for me) This company seems to have major issues maintaining adequate inventory of the garments. Frequently I will have customers place orders only to get an email from Apliiq that the product is out of stock (at which point they will suggest an alternative option—many times in a totally different color. If the customer wants a black hat, no a purple hat will not suffice). I would say this happens on about 25% of my orders. Far too high to just brush off as a “sometimes” or “occasional” problem. I asked Apliiq to be updated on inventory status of items that are in my store, so I could make products available accordingly, and they said this is something they cannot do. Very frustrating. Summary being, I like everything about this company a lot. The quality is there. If they could just hold more inventory and release orders chronologically it would be perfect!

Team Nejbauer
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Apliiq Inc vastasi 22. lokakuu 2021

Hey Team Nejbauer,

Thank you so much for the insightful review.

We do want to acknowledge that the supply chain for garments has been more challenging than ever before.

Also want to note that we haven't been sitting on our hands about the problem, we have been busy helping to improve the supply chain and are stocking more inventory now than ever before and we will continue to increase inventory levels where appropriate to reduce production turn times and out of stock situations.

Appreciate your patience!

Muokattu 14. syyskuu 2021

So I have mixed feelings about this company. I’m trying to start my own brand, and have done my research and Apliiq does have great print quality. However, the wait time for the base garment is ridiculous. So you have to wait at least a week for the garment to be received by them, then it takes a couple days for it to get printed, then they ship to your customers. So your customers are waiting anywhere between 14-20 days for their order. Now who in their right mind would wait 14-20 days for their order. Then their “rush” delivery is about $35 for just a few days earlier, so how is that rushed? On a positive note, their customer service is great. Very attentive when they are online and seem very patient. My advice to Ian, the owner or at least one of them if I’m not mistaken, is to supply the blank garments at your location so your customers and ours have a better customer experience. Waiting 2 weeks for an order is a bit ridiculous and how brands fail. You claim to help people start a brand, but you’re actually hurting the same exact people that put that trust into your company. Like I said, your quality is amazing, however, your process is a bit ridiculous.

Dukes & Duchies
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Apliiq Inc vastasi 22. lokakuu 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review. We are now holding stock on many of the most popular products and will continue to increase stock buffers to improve production times.

Muokattu 6. helmikuu 2021

Really wanted to like this company because of the large product selection, customization and white label options (we actually spent $100 on private label hang tags), but the shipping just takes too long and the process isn't transparent. One of our Canadian customers has been waiting 2 months for a hoodie and it's been a struggle getting this resolved with the Apliiq team (although I will say that Kim is great). All in all, it's a shame about the shipping times as we likely won't be able to see any ROI on our hang tag investment.

My Type Collective
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22. kesäkuu 2023

This rating would be higher if it weren't for 2 things, the pricing and shipping speed. Couple things I really like with this company but what ticks me of the most is customers not getting their items on time. Granted I know more than 1 people getting items made but man why give an estimated date for garments to be shouted out and delivered but in turn never honor the posted arrival time to customer. Which in turn makes shopify stores look bad when it comes to delivery time, time is money at the end of the day. There is no way 2 separate orders of the same garment should take longer than each other when the other takes less time to be shipped and delivered. Without any form of update on what the possible hold up could be as well. I should have to reach out on multiple occasions asking what the hold up is, I should already have received an email letting me know what the guild up is so I can inform my customers on what's going on. They will take my business for a joke of items aren't honored by the delivery date and eventually losing that customer. So that being said stop dragging yall feet when printing customers items, keep us informed with emails etc...

Crème Ja Wear
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Muokattu 21. tammikuu 2021

so idk how i feel pretty uncertain the communication isn't really good at all, I've been trying to get in contact for accouple weeks and have gotten nothing.
i have orders over a month and a half processing, says due to covid but i think its a lack of personnel. its frustrating getting no response from anyone.
i don't understand the covid excuse my country is in complete lockdown for almost a year and i have all my orders out within 3 days of being made we legit aren't even allowed in the next state to us. So Seems like a Bad Excuse.
i guess I'm so used to being 100% on top of my customer service to show good business practice, when i experience no so good customer service practice it gets me very concerned. i went to this site because of YouTube reviews and such promising great things i also like the private tag but I'm yet to see all the great things that were said.
other then the terrible things that will make your business look bad and give you bad reviews and impressions.
the sites functionality is pretty decent cant complain about it one bit. i'd suggest emailing them and having a chat through out a week before you choose them. Customer Service is the most important thing in a business... I'm really worried ill have to close my website down and go to another company :/ as a lot of you guys will no that's a rip to your traffic
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