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My company has been working with Aplliq for over two years. The company provides a variety of quality, well-priced products along with offering services such as embroidery, personal branding, and artists that help to ensure your designs are displayed as desired. Moreover, dropshipping is done expeditiously. All interactions with the Apliiq team, whether by chat, email, or phone, have been handled professionally and quickly. Anytime an issue arises, the team will go above and beyond to come to a resolution. This company is highly recommended!

Rachel's Worth
Apliiq Incが返信しました 2023年11月24日

Thank you for leaving a review! Apliiq is happy to support your brand!


Excellent and personable customer care received by Pete, who took time out of his busy day to chat to me online, helping me better understand the application's features, and walking me through some best practices for smoother sailing.
Great service by any means, highly recommend!


I am absolutely thrilled with my partnership with Apliiq! Over the past two years, my experience with the company has been nothing short of exceptional. Apliiq consistently delivers outstanding products, top-notch services, and unparalleled support from their dedicated team.

For anyone envisioning a successful clothing brand, Apliiq is the perfect partner to bring that vision to life. Their personalized assistance ensures that every need is met, guiding you seamlessly toward your desired results. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional customer service, which is incredibly responsive—I often receive assistance within the same day!

Working with Apliiq has been an absolute pleasure, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking excellence in product quality, service, and support for their clothing brand.

Apliiq Incが返信しました 2023年11月24日

Thank you so much for leaving a review!

We are so happy you've worked with our team to build your brand! Best of luck this Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Your Apliiq Team


I’ve been with Apliiq since the beginning of our Brand and I’m so happy with the quality and customer service!

Kim is the best! She’s professional and provides the best customer service you can ask for!

-Fluke Apparel Co.

Fluke Apparel Co.

Fantastic range of products and branding/labelling options set apliiq apart from other POD services. No other companies offer anywhere near the level of customization to make your brand feel legit. They are always adding new options too.

Customer service is also great, in my experience they've been super helpful and quick to get in touch if not immediately available on the chat feature.

Not 5 stars because print quality is not as good as some other POD services. its not quite as bold and vibrant as it could be.

Pacific Playground

I have used a few different POD apps and Apliiq is easily the best. They are very responsive and have quick turn around times. They are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need.

Lid Rig
Apliiq Incが返信しました 2023年10月12日

Thank you so much for leaving your review. We really love to work directly with partners to ensure they are getting the high quality products they need. All of Apliiq's team members are based right here in the USA.


Apliiq is great for the plethora of different options they have to customize your apparel. No other drop shipping company comes close. If I could offer one suggestion for improvement it'd be some UI cleanup and to add a mockup system directly into the wesbite.

Own It Anime Apparel
Apliiq Incが返信しました 2023年10月30日

Thank you so much for leaving a review & noted on the mock up improvements!

-Your Apliiq team!


I absolutely love working with Aplliq! From day one, Peter has been incredibly helpful and attentive, assisting us with every aspect of our collaboration. Their dedication to providing excellent service is unparalleled. We have formed a strong partnership and we are excited about the future, as we plan to continue working with Aplliq for many years to come. Highly recommended!


I had great expectations for this energetic, young company, but I'm pulling the plug, and here's why:

1. Lagging Fulfillment and Turnaround Times: The fulfillment and turnaround times were nothing short of disappointing. Countless frustrated customers bombarded me with questions about the whereabouts of their orders. Despite Apliiq's claim of a two-week average turnaround from door to door (still too long), it often stretched to three weeks. At this rate, you risk losing your valued customers, mind you, this is during the less hectic months. I shudder to think what chaos the fourth quarter and holiday season timelines would bring, with a potential wave of irate customers left waiting for their t-shirts.

2. Customer Service Requires Urgent Enhancement: While customer service is somewhat acceptable, it desperately needs improvement. Live chat is agonizingly slow, and email responses are no better. Waiting for a 48-hour turnaround is common, and sometimes I had to send two or three follow-up emails to address a single issue.

3. Mistakes and Blunders: Yes, we all make mistakes, but Apliiq's frequency of errors and the timing of these mistakes is simply unacceptable. Several of my customers received soiled shirts, one received an unraveling shirt and a few received the wrong shirt. The process itself is part of the problem - Apliiq orders the shirts from vendors/wholesalers only after your customers have placed their orders. So, if one of those shirts is defective (which can be often) I'm sure they just print and ship that dirty shirt. An unwieldy business model at best. What are the alternatives? Apliiq suggests pre-purchasing printed shirts from them, so they can ship out quickly. But at that point, why even involve them? The ENTIRE allure of on-demand printing is to avoid such complications!  Alternative #2, Apliiq suggests allowing them to print on ANY shirt they have available and if anyone knows anything about t-shirts, they know that they vary wildly in quality and many of them stink!  

Declining Quality: I periodically ordered sample shirts from Apliiq to check my designs and received shirts with designs printed crooked and poorly printed. My theory is that they're onboarding way too many new shops and can't cope with the volume. And who pays the price? You, as your hard-earned customers walk away.

I had high hopes for Apliiq, but ultimately, they fell short. The team is undoubtedly kind-hearted, but they urgently need to overhaul their processes and logistics. Rapid expansion at the cost of small businesses like ours leads to dissatisfied customers and disappointment. If you're considering Apliiq for your t-shirt shop, think twice.

Red and Howling
Apliiq Incが返信しました 2023年10月30日

Ah Amy, thank you for your review. I am happy to fill in more details to provide some context. Most other merchants have no interest in printing their own stuff, so your comparison (to you printing your own shirts) falls a bit short for this type of service. Now for the details:

1) All fulfillment times are posted publicly on the website and they have improved every year of existence for the Apliiq print on demand app. 6 days average across millions of orders. Shipping time with bi-coastal shipments is 2.3 days average. There are always some orders that take longer than the average and some orders that are slower than the average, but that's where things stand.
2) I think any other merchant needs to simply read Apliiq's other reviews to know Apliiq's customer service is second to none. You can talk to a real person, who knows our business intimately, that can and is willing to help you, and genuinely wants your store to be successful. If you send an email on Friday afternoon, yes, it may not receive a reply to Monday am. 95%+ of tickets receive a response within 24 business hours.
3) This is print on demand, mistakes happen, but there were 4 mistakes (which we reprinted at no cost to you) for over 335 orders. That's about 1%, while it's a little over our less than 1% error rate, some of these reprints were for your customers that previously purchased transfers from your store, then were delivered a dtg product for subsequent purchases, because that's how your designs were setup. Also, Apliiq does hold stock for high volume products at each facility, but less popular products are ordered as needed. There are basic rules you can set if a base garment you are using is not available in stock and using a replacement garment is better than cancelling an order in most cases, but again the choice is completely yours to make!

Wishing you the best of luck with your store,
The Apliiq Team


The team at Apliiq are rockstars, every time I need to check a detail or make sure something is just right, they are there for me. I love their approval process which means for new designs, the team checks the specs of the artwork to ensure quality printing. The range of products Apliiq offers are quality and diverse. For embroidery in particular, Apliiq is unchallenged by the competition in my experience. Additionally, they offer white labeling of your designs which allows for a truly branded experience for your customer.

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