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25 mei 2023

Love apliiq incredible customer service and the quality + variety is next level! It seems like a no brainer once you understand how easy it is to implement

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Bewerkt 23 mei 2023

You can’t find a better site for developing your creative ideas. Top notch branding apparel App. Do you need to establish a trademark for your brand? No easier way than with Apliiq. They sew your labels in your apparel! There is some learning but they have great live chat to get your questions answered. Honestly I chat with them all the time and every time they are pleasant and helpful. If you are serious about your brand and willing to put in a little bit of learning this App can make selling clothes a lot of fun.

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16 mei 2023

The customer service (especially the chat feature) is always on point & super quick to answer questions with well thought out solutions. Elena & Kim are our personal favorites :)

Premium Crafted
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Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2023

Thank you so much for leaving a review!

The Apliiq team absolutely loves to connect with partners via live chat. We find its the best way to get quick immediate help!

However, we also love to do scheduled meetings with partners where we can address more strategic needs, like helping you plan a collection, get more details about a product or a service we offer, etc. So don't hesitate to also book a call ( with the Apliiq team. Apparel experts are standing by!

The Apliiq Team

1 mei 2023

Always have a great experience with customer service! On top of that they haven't missed with any of my designs yet!

Riot Activity Clothing
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Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2023

Thank you so much for leaving a review.

The Apliiq team is truly passionate about helping brand owners create premium apparel for their stores, so we are happy to see that comes across in how we work with our brand partners!

Glad to hear the quality has been on point!

-Your Apliiq Squad

Bewerkt 22 april 2023

At first glance, i was hopeful: good branding options, and decent selections for hoodies and tees. The first issue i saw, was that some of the models for their products don't seem accurate. Secondly, when you push the product to your shopify store, the image quality greatly decreases to a blur. That would sure turn away customers. But due to their branding options, i thought i could put in the extra work and just use mockups. Though the mockups may not have the right look as the model hoodie chosen.

But none of those things stopped me, i was hoping there would be a better option to printful and others. But someone made an order on April 4. Apliiq contacted me twice to confirm print placement and logo and i confirmed immediately to make sure no delay occurred. Now it's April 10th and the product isn't even pushed to the floor to be printed. Then It's April 14 and i had to contact them. They apologized and said they would accelerate it. Now it's April 18, and nothing. Crickets. By around April 19 it finally gets printed and shipped off. Luckily, i knew the person who ordered the shirt. they liked the print but even they advised me to not use Apliiq, because the wait was too much.

Not to mention, while waiting on apliiq, i ordered 3 samples from Printful and they were printed and delivered a week before Apliiq. Printful isn't perfect either because they don't offer branding on some important products. so it's like choosing between two not great options, but customer satisfaction wins for now.

Now, how am i going to run a business that takes 15 days to put a print on a shirt. I might as well drop ship from Antartica at this point. You know when you really want a company to do well and be the answer but they find a way to screw things up. I had no choice but to delete all Apliiq products and undo all the work i did, because customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me. I could care less about branding options when you are going to take 3/4 of a month just to print a product.
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Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2023

Thank you for leaving a review!

Just to be clear, your customer had the product in hand within 2 weeks, not 3/4 of a month, as it was delivered on 4/19. I see that there was an internal production error, which caused the delay with this order in particular.

Additionally, we just want to provide information as to what partners can expect with production times, as a single order isn't representative of the true picture.
Average production times for the entire month of April 2023 across all partners was 6.3 days for our Los Angeles factory and 6.7 days for our Philadelphia factory. Average shipping transit times are 2.1 days and 2.2 days respectively for each factory.

With that being said, we acknowledge we aren't perfect and Apliiq is always investing in ways to reduce our production times and fulfill orders as rapidly as possible.

-The Apliiq Team

21 april 2023

I have been using Apliiq now for well over a year and during that time growing a small business and building an Apparel brand has come with a ton of challenges. Apliiq has been there every step of the way to offer help and guidance to build a better brand. I've learned so much about the industry just working with them for my fulfillment and I am excited to see what the future looks like as they continue to grow and evolve as well. definitely a great experience!

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Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2023

Thank you for leaving a review!

The Apliiq team is always happy to share our expert knowledge of how to design and produce top-notch premium apparel products. When you interact with Apliiq's customer service team, you will quickly understand what we mean.

Apliiq also has some great new product features that will be dropping oh so soon!

-The Apliiq team

19 april 2023

Great service, customer support always fixes any issues. Fast turn arounds for orders. Love all the customization for pack-in's and custom branding.

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7 april 2023

Where do i begin, as a shopify store owner I am extremely happy with the Print on Demand partnership I have with Apliiq. They resolved all my worries and still offer day to day live support!!! I have spoken with the CEO and many from the customer support team and have never been rushed. The Apliiq team wants you to win!!!

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App gebruikt gedurende 8 maanden
Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 13 april 2023

Thank you so much for your review!

It's best to think of the Apliiq team as an extension of your team. Apliiq is your on demand apparel merchandising experts and are always happy to lend a recommendation or thoughtful touch to make your brand special.

The Apliiq team looks forward to supporting your store!

6 april 2023

I appreciate the exceptional customer service provided by Apliiq, as they promptly address any concerns or issues that arise. Moreover, their collaboration with my brand has resulted in high-quality products that exceed my expectations. I look forward in continuing working with Apliiq and growing my brand! 5 stars!

Angry Cordero
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Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 7 april 2023

Thank you for leaving a review.

Most brand choose to work with Apliiq because they want high quality branded products and a friendly team to support ongoing business as needed. Thank you for summing it up so succinctly. ♥

6 april 2023

We are extremely impressed with Apliiq's focus on both customer support and product quality. They truly went above and beyond to make sure that we are satisfied with order fulfillment, and I couldn't be happier with the product they deliver. I would highly recommend Apliiq to anyone looking for a top-notch ondemand apparel printing service that truly values its customers. Five stars all the way!

Hustle Gear
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Apliiq Inc heeft geantwoord 7 april 2023

Thanks for your review!

The Apliiq team looks forward to supporting your store.

By focusing all of our attention on creating the best clothing products, it allows Apliiq to produce top quality products and provide top notch support for our brand partners.