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10. toukokuu 2024

I use Appointly to book and manage my Paint & Sip and kids painting workshops directly from my art website. It's been nice to have this option so that people don't have to go to another site to book classes.

I needed a few flexible options for how I wanted to set up my classes and Sam helped on multiple occasions to figure out everything I wanted to do. He is always available to chat for any little issues or questions I may have.

Overall, Appointly has been perfect for my needs and I love that it's affordable for small businesses like mine.
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
17. kesäkuu 2024

The app has been the best to book my clients appointments easy and convenient. Customer service is really good and they even match my website colors. Highly recommended.

SR1 Volleyball
Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
27. huhtikuu 2024

Took me a sec to figure out how to properly use the app but once I did what a freaking AMAZING app! It's really well put together & has everything I need for my business!

Yli vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
30. huhtikuu 2024

We've been using appointly for a while now, it's got everything you need and if anything goes wrong the support is prompt and helpful. Integrates well with Shopify

Urban Sprouts
Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
17. huhtikuu 2024

Great app! Straight forward and easy to use and to navigate. Good customization possibilities and when certain things have not been possible to adjust directly from the app, the support has been super quick to customize from their end. Fulfilling all needs so far!

4 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
13. kesäkuu 2024

This app allows for enough customization for the services I offer. Setting up was incredibly straight forward and easy. Where I needed assistance, I just wrote in the chat box and I got a response immediately. Such swift assistance!

Sango Specialty Coffee
2 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
3. heinäkuu 2024

I enjoy using this app. It is user friendly and easy to set up. Additionally, the support team is very fast and responsive. I woluld recommend.

Travel With Kyra
11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
25. kesäkuu 2024

Love how easy it is to set up, giving you lots of setup preferences even if you have a low budget. Assistance is also amazing, with in person one-to-one and fast. Will help a lot in managing my workshops.

Noin 2 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
25. kesäkuu 2024

Just installed today, got it setup and works great. As an UX Designer, navigation and ease of setting up and integrating any app into our Client websites is important. I asked a question in chat and received an immediate response. Excellent app so far and highly recommend.

8am Destiny
2 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
4. kesäkuu 2024

Very useful tool. We use it to book birthday parties for our store and the interface is simple for clients and employees. We are very happy to have this app to automate and simply our processes. Support when I have questions is also fast.

Univers Toutou
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä