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18 de mayo de 2023

We needed an appointment booking app that allows our clients to book an appointment slot in our shop for fittings. We love the variables of this app for the following reasons:
- offer free appointment bookings to our clients that in our case are not linked to a paid service like classes, workshops, consultancy, etc. You can of course also offer paid service bookings with this app.
- clients can easily change or cancel the appointment
- clients receive an automatic reminder (e-mail, phone)
- linked to POS
- ability to change the number of appointments that can be made within the same time slot (for us important depending on how many persons are available in the shop)

BEST FEATURE = is the incredibly quick service & support that this app provided. I tried the app last night but couldn't install it properly and didn't understand its capacity and/or limitations and whether it would work for us. After looking at many different similar apps, I decided to book an appointment with Appointo and was able to book an appointment the following morning. I had amazing support in installing the app. It was particularly helpful because once they know what you need they make the entire process so much easier. The app itself is very easy to use and manage especially once it has been installed.

The installation was done within 30 mins and was also helpful in understanding all features in one go.

Alrededor de 14 horas usando la aplicación
11 de mayo de 2023

We have been using the Appointo App in one of our online stores.
When we opened our second online store Appointo was the first app installed.
Our core business works based on appointments and clients scheduling bookings online.
We have tried and tested various other booking app and have found Appointo to be the best by far not only for their App but also for the customer support.

They go above and beyond to assist with every query we have and changes we need made.

Great App and even better Customer Service/ Support.

LiMia Online
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
8 de febrero de 2023

wow. the customer service is phenomenal. i'm just getting started on shopify, and getting used to the app situation has been interesting. it's not the best feeling to start investing time into installing and learning a new app to get halfway through the setup process and have to wait for hours or days to hear back from the app's customer support team. Tarang with Appointo answered in seconds worked insanely efficiently, doing everything related to custom code edits for me. Appointo is apparently super customizable unlike some of the other booking apps we've tried and it makes a MASSIVE difference to have fast helpful customer support in the chat messaging feature. our calendar has now been fully cusomized to meet our branding needs and we're ready to publish our appointment based product listings. all in about 15 minutes. phenomenal. highly recommend.

Year of None
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
5 de julio de 2023

We've been with Shopify for a while now, and I have to say - we've had our share of run-ins with bad support from apps on various occasions.

I'm happy to say that Appointo is NOT one of those instances. They have been incredibly responsive and supportive over the past week as I work to figure out our process for our new event and how I want Appointo to perform. Priyanshu has been very patient with me as I ask a ton of questions and seek clarification.

In order to ensure success, Priyanshu not only hopped onto one, but two, Google Meets with me so that we could go through my settings individually to make sure everything was set the way we needed it to be so that our site performed properly.

I really could not have asked for better support, which I appreciate. And, they're available 24/6 (off on Sundays), which I really appreciate. Whether through chat in their app dashboard or via email, they've been great. Highly recommend.

Bag of Bones Barkery
Estados Unidos
14 días usando la aplicación
29 de noviembre de 2022

I JUST downloaded this app and is hands down THE BEST booking platform! And to top it off IT'S FREE! I was having such a difficult time with another booking platform that I was using for the past 2 years and was running into so many was an absolute headache. The company was never able to fix the problem or issue either after hopping on multiple calls with them. Very glad to have come across this app and I love how customizable it is! If you run into any problems, issues or need ANY help at all, their staff is extremely reliable, accommodating, communicative and beyond helpful! Definitely recommend :) Thank you again!

A Girl And Her Crystals
Alrededor de 2 horas usando la aplicación
3 de julio de 2023

Priyanshu was super to work with - I had a little detail that I couldn't figure out on my own, and it took him all of 5 minutes to understand what I needed and solved the problem. THEN he made a few customization recommendations that were so appreciated and helpful! Everytime I work with these guys they bend over backwards to come up with a solution. I've had the other apps. This one works!

Tangled Roots Herbal
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Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
9 de junio de 2023

I did my due diligence when selecting a Booking system for our new business offshoot. It was important to us that we had an app that was easy to install, easy to manage, easy to navigate, looked professional to our customers, but most of all, allowed us to set appointment times based on location. Appointo stood out in all these areas and more!

As I was navigating and installing, it was super easy to install and get started. I did run into one area I had a question and the Appointo customer service team quickly jumped on a Google Meets call to walk and talk me through my situation!

Great booking app so far; can't wait to see it continue to grow as we grow!

A Little Bit of Home
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 22 horas usando la aplicación
16 de mayo de 2023

My business requires pick-up/delivery times and save the date payments. I want control over my schedule AND I want it to look good. This is not the first calendar/appointment booking app I've looked into, but I'm not looking anymore :)

I am so impressed with the support of the app. After installing today and having questions, I was able to hop on a call with one of the team members. He walked me through the entire process of setting up the app- even creating a special page for my clients to "Book A Consultation" from my main menu! My calendar is now seamlessly matching my website branding. I feel so much less overwhelmed by Shopify after this 20 minute call. Thank you, Appointo!! I'll be a customer for as long as I have my shop here.

(And to be honest, I looked at the reviews and thought, "can it really be that good?" Appointo can be that good and it is!)

The Painted Balloon
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Alrededor de 8 horas usando la aplicación
29 de noviembre de 2022

OMG! I think that I have found the one! I have been through a few different booking apps and haven't been satisfied. I came across this app on another site and clicked the link and I am glad I did! I has the features that I have been looking for and more. When I had issues at 1am EST someone was there to help me on the chat. Then when I had another issue Tarang promptly jumped on a video call to help all me through the problem. I am still setting up the system but so far so good!

Artistic Fusion Craft Studio
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3 meses usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 18 de enero de 2023

I had an issue that I couldn't get to, for two weeks, but once I finally had some time to sit down with Appointo, the team was able to pin-point where the issue was in the set-up times and fix it. Because I was unable to use the app for those two weeks, they approved my request to prorate the weeks I wasn't able to use their service.
Very helpful and respectful to small business' frustration and lack of time.
Would recommend this service...
Thank you!

Plant Party
Estados Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación