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Data modifica: 2 aprile 2022

This app seemed great at first. It was simple to use. However, I soon found thatl all of the items that I added to my store had zero available inventory (basically within hours of adding) causing me to lose many hours of work. I then found none of the quality products that I was searching for were available. They will not refund my money, even though I only accessed the app for a brief period and I have none of their products on my store. Also, you cannot view the products until after you pay for a plan.

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Appscenic Ltd ha risposto 3 aprile 2022


We are sorry for your experience and I assure you we are doing our best to improve our products catalog every day and to constantly bring more and more dropshipping suppliers and high-quality items to our platform.

In your case probably the products went out of stock overnight after you imported them to your store and that's why they weren't available anymore.
Unfortunately, that's not something we can control. If the supplier is getting orders from a different retailer, they need to fulfill them and the stock is updated automatically. That's how it works.

But please feel free to explore our catalog as we have over 500,000 dropshipping and wholesale products right now and I'm sure you can find other items to fulfill your needs.

About the 2nd issue that you mentioned, indeed we weren't able to provide you a refund because you used our platform for almost a month, you activated multiple subscription plans, used multiple coupons, and even activated the free trial more than once.
We consider that you had the chance to test our platform for a long period of time, and especially during the free trial you were able to cancel the subscription for free, but you didn't and you continued to use our platform even after that.

Again, we are sorry for your experience with us. We will continue to build the most advanced dropshipping & wholesale platform in the world and we hope you will be ready to test our app again soon.

AppScenic Customer Service Team