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I couldn't be more disappointed with the App Builder app. What a colossal waste of time and effort! The experience was incredibly frustrating, to say the least, and it left me questioning its very purpose.

First and foremost, the app builder is plagued with an infuriating problem: it doesn't work! Every time I attempted to use it, the app would simply load indefinitely, leaving me staring at an eternal loading screen. I tried different devices, cleared caches, and even reinstalled the app, but the result was always the same - no progress whatsoever. It's astounding how an app meant to build other apps can't even get itself to function properly.

The lack of usability was made worse by the absence of clear instructions or any helpful guidance. As a user who's not well-versed in programming, I expected an intuitive interface that would assist me in creating my app. Instead, I was greeted with a confusing jumble of icons and options that only added to my frustration. Without proper guidance, the whole purpose of an app builder is defeated, rendering it utterly useless for users who aren't coding experts.

Furthermore, the app's performance was abysmal even when it did manage to load. Simple actions such as dragging and dropping elements or making edits were accompanied by lag and unresponsiveness. It felt like I was stuck in a time warp, trying to navigate through a clunky and outdated system.

To add insult to injury, the customer support was practically non-existent. After countless attempts to contact them about my issues, I received no response whatsoever. It's evident that they don't care about their users' problems, which only amplifies the sense of frustration and betrayal.

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Apptileが返信しました 2023年9月4日

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

We managed to resolve the issue on the very same day and made several attempts to contact you via email and phone to provide assistance. Unfortunately, we did not receive any response from your side.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our support chat or by emailing us at Our customer success team is ready to assist you in resolving the issue.