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9 april 2018

App is not perfect, prints are quality, mock ups look god awful. put some model mockups in the store the same way printful does at the very least. considering you have womens clothing in the store, you should make it visibly appealing to women. Not 3d models that don't even look good to guys viewing them online. they look like gamecube graphics mockups.

If artofwhere could overcome the prices it offers, tiny profit margins and get some actual models it would be greatness in and of itself but they refuse to and insist on mediocrity.

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3 november 2020

I love the products from Art of Where. Everything I've added to my shop is TOP QUALITY. I tried accessory bags from other suppliers and they were garbage. These I can proudly offer - they match the quality of my brand and I LOVE that they are made in Canada. And the colours... everything so far has been exactly as I hoped they would be. I definitely recommend Art of Where as a partner if you are looking to build an above average brand! One critical feedback that I think is really important and the reason I am posting and why I am only giving three stars: the Art of Where app does NOT trigger a shipping notification to clients and my efforts to get some help with this has left me frustrated. Shopify says it's an AOW issue and the only help I received from AOW was that I have to send shipping notifications myself, but I have yet to figure out how to do that other than sending a personalized email to every single order, which is not realistic when you have multiple orders shipping every day. Developing the functionality to trigger the Shopify shipping notification would make this a 5-star rating. I'd love for the AOW app and Shopify to talk to each other more.

Original Marmalade
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Art of Where heeft geantwoord 16 november 2020

Thank you for your review!

We're not sure currently as to why the shipping notifications aren't triggering on your store, since this is one of the features we did implement in our integration. Normally, the order is automatically marked as fulfilled and the tracking number is added at the same time. Our development team is currently looking into it for your store.

In the meantime, you should be able to trigger a shipping notification email from the Order page on the Shopify admin instead of having to send a personalized email. You should be able to click Mark Fulfilled (if it's not fulfilled), followed by Add tracking (you can copy paste the tracking from our own shipping notification email that we send to you).

I hope this helps and we will update you once we figure out what's happening with the tracking on your store.

27 juni 2021

Art of Where provides great products but their Shopify integration can be improved. It lacks the API access to provide a Shopify store that has automatic shipping rates if you purchase a one-year or more Shopify plan subscription. I benefit from this feature when I add items from other vendors, such as Printful, Printify and Pixels. It is great to see my rates automaticity be calculated when a customer adds to the cart, without me looking up a rate table and manually adding the rates for each item. I have better things to do. Art of Where also lacks a more robust thumbnail and mockup library. They really need to look at the competition and see what is offered. Shopify offers 3D AR thumbnail viewing and the crazy thing is that Art of Where offers this technology within their app but when posting to the Shopify store you are unable to send the 3D file to your shop so your customers can enjoy viewing the product in 3D. This would be a first from a vendor and it is a shame that Art of Where does not see this. Instead, you can only rotate and download screenshots of the 3D file from within the Art of Where product builder. At, we would really benefit from this. Especially with our silk scarf line from Art of Where.

The Official Glen Loates Store
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25 januari 2018

Art of Where is great for a few things but not when it comes to leggings. I had an issue where I had designs that needed to align at the seam to appear correctly across the back. When I spoke to customer support they informed me that when they are sewing the designs, they are incapable of turning the fabric over to ensure they are being aligned correctly. They did offer me credit for the designs that had already shipped but they offered no real assistance in helping me resolve the issue of my design and printing them correctly.

Printful, however, was accomodating and their support team was flawless. Received a printed test product from them within 2 days time and it was exactly as I had envisioned. They are a bit pricier but for the help and support they offered, I would take them over Art of Where any day.

Widow Dark Thirty
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10 november 2021

Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Turn around is highly inconsistent. When I started DTG services a few years ago they were working fantastically. So much so that I dropped all my other providers. now I have no idea when things will ship and they sit as paid for an undetermined amount of time. Sucks but I may need to move everything over to another provider.

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Bewerkt 9 juni 2021

I really want to love AOW, becasue they offer some great alternative fabrics and products, which seem to be well made, however the service is very slow, and I've tried them out a few times, years before this 'virus' and it was the same then, so I really don't think the virus has had much impact on the lack of response times, manufacturing times or lack of templates etc. In the past it was always very slow and when things get reprinted there is no communication so you are just left to wonder and your customer has to just keep waiting. My main bugbear at the mo is the lack of templates, I recently made some duvet covers and used the file size they gave, no probs, then went to make the matching pillow cases and the file sizes they give don't match the item - I wasted a lot of time in trying to figure it out, contacted AOW and still not heard back from them.... still waiting I had to manually do a screen shot of the pillow case design area, put it into photoshop, blow it up and then crop my design to fit, not ideal and hard to ensure the placing of the design is correct. Most other POD's provide a template and if they don't and just give a file size like AOW then the size they give fits the item, I am unclear as to why AOW pillow cases give the wrong size entirely but it doesn't come across as very professional, combine that with the very slow making time and I'm unsure now if I can even use them as a supplier, which is such a shame, I really wanted to offer the cotton duvets and pillow cases! It's probably been 4-5 years since I first used them and at the time I felt like they should just get more staff to cope with the demand and add templates but here we are all these years later and still no templates and a very slow production time with zero detail about the order It's fine if your happy to wait for items to sell yourself but it's not ideal as a drop ship model becasue you will have to keep relaying to your own customer why they are having to wait so long, if you don't know the answer then what do you say? If AOW don't respond to emails for support and help within a day or so I would suggest more staff to improve that rather than expecting people to wait days and days and be happy about that, it doesn't really instill the trust we need for your company to be able to sell on our behalfs

Put A Boog On It
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8 april 2017

your site doesn't work, can't see your product because üpdate your browser". well my browser is updated, i've just installed the windows and using what you demand...

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