Attentive: SMS + MMS Marketing , 36件のレビュー

  • 評価の81%は5つ星です
  • 評価の3%は4つ星です
  • 評価の0%は3つ星です
  • 評価の3%は2つ星です
  • 評価の14%は1つ星です

I was promised white glove service when I signed up and pitched that there would be some hand holding by a dedicated team member to get me going on their platform, with regular follow-ups during my use of the app. That never happened. I went from someone contacting me non-stop to get me to sign-up to being ghosted by customer support staff with no follow-up and no training. I am not happy and would not recommend using this app because of this.

My Nature Book Adventures

They deal terribly when you decide to go. They didn't release our list on time and porting the number takes weeks (unnecessarily). Their prices are higher than everyone else with almost no advantage (we didn't see any increase in numbers, etc).

We've tried Emotive and Postscript as well, and I'd rate Attentive as the worst.


I kept getting messages from the sales encouraging me to try the app, but when I pressed for additional information, all they would provide me was asking for a "20 min call." Eventually, I installed the app and tried it out, but I was horrified to learn that I couldn't use it and that I had to schedule a "20 min call" with them in order to use it.
Since I started using Shopify in 2016, I have never encountered a user experience quite like this one. They are unable to easily contact the user. Install the app and give it a try if you want to confirm my review.


If I could give no stars, I would. DO NOT use this company if you want to retain subscriber data (they took our list from Klaviyo and scrubbed everything except email and mobile number. They don't understand basic requirements like opt-in/out data. My subscriber list has three columns. It's a joke.

Design is glitchy and can't save mid-design (meaning you lose work unless you want to save and get backed out each time), customer service reps are MIA and tech support patchy. Analytics and reporting are very basic and many essential reports have to be requested (because they're gatekeeping data, I suspect because so many people are fleeing). And the best part?

They cost 2x what Klaviyo charges for a much better platform and service. They built their business by luring Klaviyo customers away with a free email service period but once that was over, are charging far more than we were led to believe. Even if it didn't feel like a bait-and-switch, they cannot justify charging so much for a pretty basic service.

Seriously causing us so much grief and after days of begging for help, we're still getting shrugs and confusion.

Common Good

Very disappointing. Attentive will ONLY work with you if your traffic is at 2500K or higher; because" this is where they see the conversion at." When I asked point-blank, "you won't work with us because our traffic isn't at 2500, she wouldn't give me a straight answer yes or no, which tells me what else are they shady in other areas. This company had no need for the small business'. Very disheartening.

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