Subscription Recurring Orders

Subscription Recurring Orders

od Sealapps

Automatic subscriptions & recurring payments to increase sales

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Offer subscription option

Integrate with Shopify checkout API. Provide subscription as a new payment method to increase revenue and maintain customer engagement.

Auto recurring order & billing

Automatically create orders and charge customer in the recurring period without repeating checkout process after customer purchase the plan.

Easily manage subscriptions

Allow seamless subscription management with simple merchant sites and customer portal. Improve customer loyalty to grow your business.

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Do you want your customers to come back monthly? Sealoop Subscription helps to grow business steadily by offering a new payment option to allow customers recurring purchase automatically. We help you to offer subscription service to customers to schedule their deliveries and predict your future revenue. Simple and beautiful management portal for both merchant and customer to organize the subscriptions.

We provide a way to boom your business by increasing customer engagement and keeping their loyalty. Our aim is to provide a seamless and sustainable recurring business for you and your clients with the best customer experience.

NEWLY updated!!!

  • Cutoff day
  • Specified recurring date
  • Prepaid subscription
  • Checkout link for subscribed product

COMING soon!!!

  • Seperate initial price and recurring discount
  • Inventory management
  • Subscription calendar

Create multiple subscription plans with different intervals

Simply create different subscription plans for your products in our app depending on days, weeks, months and years. Billing and orders will recur automatically following the delivery frequency.

Easy subscription management on merchant portal

Manage seamlessly all the subscription plans and orders in your admin. Subscriptions details can be edited in the merchant portal including products, status, interval schedule and customer information.

Self management on customer portal

Allow your customers to manage subscriptions on their account. Their control actions can be customized in the app setting, such as cancel, stop and skip the subscription orders.

More Features

  • Seamless checkout and recurring process with Shopify API
  • Automatically recurring billings daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
  • Display subscription detailed info and simply manage
  • Edit billing schedule and interval
  • Data analysis dashboard
  • Create subscription plan for product and variant
  • Save and edit customer information details
  • Offer discounts for subscription plans
  • Min & Max amount of recurring payment circles
  • Integrate with customer account portal
  • Allow customer to manage subscription without logging in
  • Control customer's action to change subscription
  • Auto retry for failed payment
  • Email notification to customers
  • Email template editting
  • Multi language translation
  • Custom theme install
  • One-to-one service
  • 24/7 support


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you!

Demo Store

The demo store is on the test mode, you are free to try the whole payment process with the testing credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242.

(Special discount only for NEW install.)

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  • Checkout,
  • Themes,
  • Product Page,
  • Cart,
  • Thank you page,
  • Customer portal

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A Coffee For Love

So far so good! the app is very friendly, and the customer service is quick! in less than 24 hours I got response to solve a tiny bug and is working perfectly now.

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29. listopad 2021

Thank you for your review! We are glad that you like the app and this really motivates us to be better!

Glam House Fabrics

I have started using this app, so far everything is working well. And the best thing is that the app support is amazing! They are truly helping me with any additional help I need and customizations - even if it is not included in the app features. Thank you a lot for the great service, looking forward to keeping using your app.


Awesome APP! We looking for a subscription app and finally got it! It has the free plan and we can do a fully test with all the features! That's great! This allows us to try this new way without monthly charge. Perhaps we will switch to a pro plan if it works well...