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Autochat ‑ Proactive Live Chat

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Proactive Messaging | Live Shopper Insights | 24x7 Support

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Proactive Selling

Contextual & Automated Messaging features that let you capitalize on every engagement opportunity throughout shopper's purchase journey.

Turbocharge Support

More effective and efficient support. Customer information available right next to the conversation - orders history, cart contents, etc.

Live Shopper Insights

Real-time timeline of all customer activity on the store available interleaved with the conversation. Be aware of the context!

Over Autochat ‑ Proactive Live Chat

Autochat helps online stores sell more by proactively engaging and supporting customers throughout their purchase journey. This is achieved via several modern features that Autochat offers (listed below).

Everything in Autochat functions out of the box and we have taken special care to ensure that no coding skills are required to be able to use or configure any feature. Even the most powerful of the features are made very easy to use and can be used by marketing or support teams.

Proactive Messaging

Use Contextual Rules based on various data points like user history, UTM parameters, source campaign, session activity, etc. to automatically trigger real time messages for live users.

These messages help start contextual conversations at scale. Once the user is hooked and starts a conversation, the chances of conversion increase manifold.

Live Shopper Insights

You and your team members can see all live shopping sessions on your online store with business insights like cart value, historical average order value of shopper, number of orders placed by shopper in past, etc. You can then smartly reach out personally to the most valuable shoppers while they are still on the site.

24x7 Chatbots with seamless handover & takeover

Chatbots can easily be activated to automatically respond to common customer queries, to help them search through products, to showcase new arrivals, to capture contact information, etc.

Seamless handover to human team members can also be configured for questions outside the chatbot's scope. It is also possible for you and your team members to look at conversations happening with chatbots in real time and takeover the conversation if and when required.

Shared Team Inbox

A state of the art shared team inbox with features like Private notes (for team members to collaborate among themselves in context of a conversation), Canned responses (to respond efficiently to customer conversations) and Assignment of conversations to other team members (let the best suited person respond).

In addition, you can also hook up various other messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter and Gmail to the Inbox. This helps your team communicate with all the customers from a single place.

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4.0 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Om Suits

Autochat is so much more than just a live chat. It packages so many powerful features like being able to see who is on my store "right now", what they are doing, what their history is on my store, what's in their cart and so much more. This single feature itself has helped me convert so many customers which I am sure I would have lost otherwise. Before I started using Autochat, I had no idea when customers used to come to my store and just leave. I had analytics installed but how would that help if the customer has already left!

Plus, there are so many other features which I didn't even try but I am sure will be useful to many - being able to connect external messaging channels like Facebook Messenger. I plan to set up a Chatbot too with their help.

My advise to everybody would be to invest their time into this one app rather than using 5 different apps and struggle to make them all work together, keep up with the changes and so on. As it's a new app, it can use a bit of polishing. But it gets better every week and I am sure in next few weeks, it will be perfect.

The app is free right now but I can see so much value already, I will be more than happy to pay once they start charging for it.

All Wheels Mobility

The concept of this app is very promising. I am very much looking forward to the installation again once some updates are made. I'm giving it 5 stars because the customer service is impeccable.

Alexander's Cosmetics

The options are amazing until it comes to connecting your chat program to a platform. At this point it was very difficult. Decided to leave.