Automate Shipping Profiles

Automate Shipping Profiles

da Intuitive Shipping Inc

Save time & bulk assign your products into shipping profiles

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Step 1

Create your shipping profiles and rates in your Shopify Shipping and Delivery settings.

Step 2

Create sorting rules in Automate Shipping Profiles to tell the app which Shopify shipping profile each product belongs to.

Step 3

Run a bulk sync to assign your products to their Shopify shipping profile and save countless hours.

Su Automate Shipping Profiles

What Does It Do?

Automate Shipping Profiles saves you from having to manually assign your entire product catalog, one-by-one, to its respective Shopify shipping profile. When you run a Bulk Sync, the app will sort your products into their respective Shopify shipping profiles.

Why You Need It

Shopify's shipping profiles feature lets you assign different shipping costs based on product groups. The problem? Each product must be manually assigned to the proper shipping profile, and we know you have more important things to do.

How Does It Work?

When you install Automate Shipping Profiles, you simply need to create a 'Profile Condition' for each of your Shopify shipping profiles. When you run a bulk sync, the app will assign your products to their respective profile.

Set It & Forget It

Once you activate the app, it will continue sorting new products into their corresponding Shopify shipping profile.

Spend a Minute, Save Days

Click on 'View in Example Store' to see how easy it is to automate your shipping profiles. We've already saved a combined 100 years' of time for Shopify merchants by bulk assigning products to their Shopify shipping profiles!

Carrier Rates Not Required

Since Automate Shipping Profiles doesn't do rating at checkout, you don't need to upgrade your Shopify plan or pay for Shopify's Carrier Rates feature.

Calculate Your Savings

Check out our site for an interactive savings calculator.

Steps to Success

To get the best experience out of the app, we recommend watching the tutorial and visiting our Help Centre.


Our automation engine accurately bulk sorts your products into the proper profile so you can avoid shipping mishaps.


Have a question? Reach out - we're always happy to help.


Where Do I Configure My Shipping Rates?

  • Since Automate Shipping Profiles works with Shopify's shipping profiles, your rates will be configured in your Shopify shipping settings.

I'm a Dropshipper. Is Automate Shipping Profiles a Good Fit?

  • Yes! You can create your Shopify shipping profiles based on Vendor, and then have Automate Shipping Profiles accurately bulk sort your products into the proper profile.

Will The App Know When I Add New Products?

  • As long as you keep the app installed and active, it will continue sorting new products into their corresponding Shopify shipping profile.

Where Can I See It In Action?

  • Check out our 'View in Example Store' link to watch a demo.

Is There a Free Trial?

  • No, to activate the automation features you must select and pay for a plan.

I'm Still Unsure if Automate Shipping Profiles is For Me

  • Reach out with your requirements and we'll be happy to let you know if we're a good fit.

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works great....ridiculously expensive for a feature that shopify should have included as standard though

Risposta dello sviluppatore

24 agosto 2021

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! We're glad that the app worked well for you and that you were able to sort your extensive catalog and not spend days doing it.

As much as we would like to offer Automate Shipping Profiles at a lower price, unfortunately, there is a cost for the server infrastructure required to rapidly bulk-assign products to shipping profiles and for the app constantly to be listening to product updates or new products added to your catalog.

Unfortunately, we cannot control that Shopify opted not to include a bulk-sorting feature, but we are glad that Automate Shipping Profiles saved you over a day that would have been spent sorting your products.

Best regards,
Ron Anderson | Customer Experience Manager


This is app super easy to use, and has incredible support! Always get an email back super fast. 5 stars from me, highly recommended.


Incredibly useful with lightning-fast support. Helped us assign more than ten thousand items to proper shipping profiles. Thanks!