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Bewerkt 26 november 2019

Very useful app for us. Simple to use and works well. Only caveats are that because the mail sender is shared and there are spammers that likely over use it, more often than I'd like our emails get caught in spam folders as a result. Because of this a premium service with better delivery rates would be nice. Also, no biggie but app price says 7.95 and we've always been charged 9.99.
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Talon Commerce heeft geantwoord 7 december 2019

I appreciate your input on the app.

For clarification to the readers, the price difference was that we have lowered our prices after the shop's subscription. The shop has now been switched to the newer cheaper price as does all new accounts.

We also investigated the issue you were having seems to have been caused by emailing from and to the same address which can cause some wonkiness.

We work hard to ensure deliverability of the emails we send. That's why we use industrial standards and we send email for ourselves from the same system our customers use.

We're able to catch any spam use of the service before that can affect our reputation and, as such maintain a good enough reputation that our own emails reach shop owners every day.

As most emails our customers send are transactional in nature, reputation isn't as much an issue as services that emphasize marketing email.

Bewerkt 14 februari 2019

***Editing to revise my review***

Not long after I posted my 1-star review, the developer reached out to see what the problem could be and offered some suggestions. Being relatively new to sending out emails to subscribers, I didn't know that you really *needed* to have your own domain name to send out emails to your subscribers. I decided to try this app again and used my domain name as the sender and it worked.

I still think there has got to be a way where test emails are not counted as part of the monthly allowed when they are being sent to the same email (although the 500 is generous). Another minor thing is having contact info on the app itself in case there are questions. I looked around and didn't see where was an email without having to come back to the app store.

Anyway, thanks for reaching out.


I had this app installed for about 15 minutes before I uninstalled. It did not work for me at all. I was trying to set up an automated email to send out for mailing list sign ups. I set up my email and sent 5 test emails for immediate delivery and I did not get one single one even after verifying my sender email 2 times. They did not show up in my inbox nor my spam (as of this writing after 30 minutes of first installing). With the free account, you can send up to 500 emails per month and the 5 test emails counted as part of the 500. From what I can tell from the other reviews is that they are mostly sending out follow up emails post orders, so in this regard the app sounds like it's working great. But for me, it just wasn't working.

Rock My Zen
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