WOTIO Account Invites Plus

WOTIO Account Invites Plus

Deeko Global LLC

Bulk & Automatic Account Invites, Discount Codes, Email Metric

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Automatic & Bulk Invitations

Send account activation emails to individual customers automatically, or target bulk invites to a specific audience. Easy and simple to use!

Customer Can Invite Themselves

With our site link tool, customers can use a customized link on your site to send themselves an invitation to complete their account setup.

Bulk Discounts + Email Tracker

New tools added regularly, such as Bulk Discount Codes, Email Tracker to track Shopify emails, and Simple Pick List for easy order filling.

WOTIO Account Invites Plus 정보

WOTIO makes running your Shopify store or migrating to Shopify easy

WOTIO is a suite of tools that help merchants optimize their time using Shopify. With our tools you can automate account invites to customers, send bulk account invites, track Shopify emails, organize orders for picking and fulfillment, and more.

Migrating to Shopify with your existing customers?

Use our Bulk Invite tool to send all your migrated customers an account activation invite quickly and easily.

Starter Plan

  • No monthly commitment

  • Bulk Account Invites (pay per use - $10/deployment)

    • Send targeted bulk account invites to customers at one time
  • Bulk Link Generator (pay per use - $10/link batch)

    • Generate account activation links for a targeted customer list and download a CSV for use in other email platforms
  • Bulk Discount Codes (pay per use - $10/100K codes)

    • Generate up to 100K discount codes at a time, with custom prefixes and suffixes
  • Simple Pick List

    • Organize orders for easy picking and fulfillment

Basic Plan - $5/mo

  • Basic Automatic Account Invites

    • Set timing delay of invites to minimum of 1 day
  • Email Tracker

    • Track opens for all Shopify transactional emails, and opens and visits for Account Invite emails
  • Bulk Discount Codes (included)

  • Simple Pick List

  • Bulk Account Invites, Bulk Account Link Generation

    • Plan Savings: Just $5 per bulk invite send or link batch

Advanced Plan - $15/mo

  • Ask about our 7-day free trial!
  • Shopify Flow Integration
  • Advanced Automatic Account Invites

    • Set timing delay of invites to send immediately, within x hours, within x days
    • Send automatic invites to new or previous online and POS customers who have an email address added to their customer record at any point (i.e. in store)
    • Follow-up Invites - send the customer a follow-up invite after your previous invite
    • Domain Blocks - block email domains you don't want invites sent to
    • Tag Blocks & Targeting - block or target automatic invites to customers who have a specific tag
    • GDPR/CCPA support - send to only customers who accept marketing
    • Locations Support
  • Self-serve site link tool

    • Place a link on your site that customers can use to send themselves an invite.
  • Bulk Discount Codes (included)

  • Email Tracker

  • Simple Pick List

  • Bulk Account Invites, Bulk Account Link Generation

    • Plan Savings: Just $2 per bulk invite send or link batch

About Our Bulk Invite and Link Generation Tool

  • 1 Bulk Credit = 1 Bulk Deployment or Link Batch
  • Deployment/list size doesn't matter - use a credit to send to 100 or 1,000,000 customers - same price!
  • Purchase credits as needed in the app

Learn more our about features @ wotio.com!

Established in 2018. The #1 Account Invite Tool for Shopify - 10 Million+ Invites sent!


  • Flow

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Starter Plan

무료 설치

$10 per Bulk Invite Deployment/100K Discount Code batch/Activation Link Batch

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Free Simple Pick List Tool
  • Bulk Account Invites
  • Bulk Account Activation Link Generator
  • Bulk Discount Codes

Basic Plan


$5 per Bulk Invite Deployment/Account Activation Link Batch

  • All Starter Plan Features Plus:
  • Basic Automatic Account Invites
  • Bulk Discount Codes (Now free with this plan)
  • Email Tracker

Advanced Plan


$2 per Bulk Invite Deployment/Account Activation Link Batch

  • 7-day Free Trial Available - Contact Us
  • All Basic Plan Features +
  • Shopify Flow Integration
  • Advanced Automatic Invites
  • Self Serve Site Link

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Dog's Lounge

We've only just started using the app and it's been super helpful as we're migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify. The support is outstanding, would strongly recommend it to everybody!

개발자 회신

2021년 3월 5일

Thank you so much, we are happy to help. Welcome to the Shopify family!

Cheap Fabrics

We used this app following our migration to Shopify and found it extremely useful. Brian was prompt, professional and very helpful and we would recommend to all.

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 2일

Thank you so much! We appreciate your feedback! Thank you again for using the WOTIO Account Invites Plus app.

Solmate Socks Wholesale

It was great for sending out mass Customer Account Invites through Shopify when we first launched our store.

개발자 회신

2020년 10월 22일

Thank you for the feedback!