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28 september 2023

too expensive

Sprinkle Bat
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Bewerkt 14 november 2019

UPDATE: I added one more star because their support has been responsive. They have fixed my issues, but I am still upset that it had to be brought to my attention from a sales lead. Needs more user testing on this app! They said the digital cart broke because they are working on the new one---but when were you going to notify your paying customers about the current one breaking???

OLDER REVIEW: Absolute garbage experience. The online print catalog is ok, but not intuitive in the slightest to update it. The digital catalog is atrocious. Some buttons just don't work, so many errors to count. It's basically the most unusable experience I've seen. Don't waste your money on this thing!

Wildlife Tree
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Now In Store Inc. heeft geantwoord 13 november 2019


My name is Kwaku from Now In Store. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble with our app.

We have already released a fix for your issues with the digital catalog buttons (you will need to do a hard refresh of your page to use this fix, see shortcuts:

As you can see we are pretty responsive to our users. Would you mind giving me more details about other problems you might have encountered at I'm sure everything else can be easily fixed as well.

3 januari 2019

This is incredibly hard work - the user interface is not intuitive. I have spent the last 3 hours trying in vain to create a catalogue despite a video introduction. It is difficult to change the order in which products are added to a catalogue. It is impossible, as far as I can see to edit the size of text boxes below products (i.e. if you have a smaller photo, you can't increase the amount of text space available). Suppport is cheery, but not very helpful. If they create a catalogue for you, you can't then edit on-line what they have done becasue the bespoke service uses different tools. Can someone please develop a catalogue builder that uses drag and drop with easy re-sizing of the various elements.

Iona Buchanan
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Now In Store Inc. heeft geantwoord 13 april 2019

Hi Iona,

We pushed a lot of updates since then and you can now easily sort your products once they are added to your catalog among other things. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to give it another try. We will gladly extend your trial period.


23 november 2013

Has potential but not enough options. We have both an Etsy and Shopify shop. Would be helpful to merge both since the two shops have different items. Also a search feature within the catalog would be helpful for customers looking for certain products or keywords. Would be nice to customize the page titles. We have a library of images people can use for their lollipops but if they can't search by keyword, makes a lookbook a challenge to flip through hundreds of pages.

Vintage Confections custom lollipops and novelty sweets
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29 november 2020

This was an expensive app for me to purchase and the GUI is glitchy on Google Chrome and after spending numerous hours creating my about page which has alot of text and uploading my font, I find the export does NOT function with my selected font. I went back and chose a generic font like Roboto and again, the export was terrible!

Poe and Company Limited
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Now In Store Inc. heeft geantwoord 4 december 2020


I'm sorry that you were having trouble with your font. As you may have already noticed on your account. This issue has been solved the same day you notified us about this.

Please let us know if you have any other issues.


Bewerkt 9 oktober 2014

trial works,after you pay, it does´t! Don´t worth it! And you still going to be charged.

I got the refund after a few emails.

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