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26 oktober 2020

I installed this app to try free trial. I didn’t find what I was looking for and uninstalled it before it expired. But they ended up charging me and now they don’t even care to respond to my and Shopify agent’s email requesting a refund.

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2020

*Update 10/27/2020: the refund is being processed by Shopify*

Hi, I can see that you've first installed the app on September 21st and our script made a charge on September 30th, which happens to be after the 7-day trial ended.

I didn't and still don't see the email from your store 홈쇼핑월드 nor from Shopify agent. Could you email us to We'll authorize the refund for sure, no worry.

15 februari 2018

Dosnt work had customer left the cart because this app did not work :( so i uninstalled

Melissajane Botuique
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Thanks for the review and sorry for the inconveniences.

25 juli 2020

We searched for an app that could combine 2 different discounts on Shopify - because in Germany we have for 6 months a VAT deduction - plus our summersales. So we tried this app and it doesn't do the job at all. Besides its very complicated to set up. We tried another app that works fantastically.

Modemeter Stoffmarkt
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 25 juli 2020

Thanks for the feedback about our app, I'm sorry for the issues you encountered. May I ask you what wasn't working, or what was complicated to set up? I'm simply trying to improve the product and avoid such bad experience for other Shopify merchants.

About the fact it's not able to apply 2 discounts per order, indeed it's not possible to achieve that using discount codes. Did you see in our app listing that we said otherwise? If so, please tell me and we'll adjust its content. For example, in the tagline under the app name, it says "Customers get the best one", meaning only one discount per order is allowed by Shopify.

That being said, applying multiple discounts is achievable using our Smart Deal codes, which encapsulate multiple discounts into one code. And it's also possible to apply it automatically, using a rule.

I understand that it's frustrating searching an app for 2 hours, trying it and not being able to set it up. I'm sorry for that, truly, though we would have loved to have the chance to app if you would have contacted us.

No worry, you won't get charged, you only had the app installed for an hour or so, therefore you were still in your free trial period.

17 juli 2018

couldnt give zero star. Why would I use your app if the free options are already in shopify discount page?
and I have to pay a monthly subscription + ADD ONE???? seriously
the whole point of your app is the add one otherwise its useless.
Unless you make your premium subscription with everything included you wont go that far.

L A Marketplace
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Thanks for the feedback. Thanks for the review. Shopify has indeed a discount links feature and automatic discount for Buy X get Y discounts. The main difference is the number of discount rules (applying discounts automatically, based on what's in the cart) that you can do with our app, and the fact that you can offer multiple tiers of discounts.

We do charge one-time fees for 2 of our features: an add-on feature to display the discount and savings in the cart AND another feature to get more advanced cart rules (eg. based on collections, customer tags, past orders and more).

15 september 2019

WATCH OUT!! This APP is NOT FREE and there is no "FREE" plan available.

$59.99 just to UNLOCK the APP. $12.99/month required to USE the APP. $100.00 for any Installation "help".

The app is "FREE" to download but you have to pay $60.00 to unlock the use of the app, and then another monthly fee of $13.00 to just use the app. If you don't pay the monthly fee, your $60.00 is a waste.

Here's the kicker. They'll charge you another $100.00 dollars on top of all this to "Install" it for you if you need help with anything.

Sure, the copy and paste codes are easy to follow BUT,
Their instructional videos are SO TERRIBLE that you can't get any type of value. When it gets to the part where you actually need help, they say "here are some complicated versions of it". If you know coding, great! If not, pay us.

Their instructional videos don't go over everything because they WANT to leave you hanging in the hopes that they pay you $100.00 bucks for "Installation".

Overall, you would think on top of all this, support WOULD and SHOULD be something that's added on to the service. This app will drain your pocket before you get started with any Shopify dreams you have. Stay away.

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 15 september 2019

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Let me clarify our pricing. The "Free plan available" displayed by Shopify in the app listing page is specific to the "Discount Links" and "Discount Popup" feature of the app. When you install the app, you don't have to approve charge and can use the discount links feature free. It's like that since 2016, and we won't change that because many users use this feature. That's why Shopify displays "Free plan available".

As for the other paid features, like the Discount Rules and Prefilled Carts, they do require a subscription plan (every plan has a 7-day free trial that starts only when you select a plan, not on app install). Some features also require a one-time fee of $49.99, like Display Savings, which also works for merchants on the free plan. We've made a graphic of our features and pricing here: If you did pay a one-time fee for a feature that doesn't work for you, drop us a mail and we will refund it.

About the issues you've faced, and related to the instruction videos, could you tell us what they are? Indeed, it's hard to cover everything in a single video, but we try to record a video when it's needed or requested by a merchant. We put all our videos in our Youtube playlist (

1 september 2018

I was charged for this app during the trial period. The amount was minimal but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Six Row
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Hi, this $0.01 activation charge is gone now. Thanks for the feedback, that helps us improve.

21 april 2020

The "free" plan content would indicate that basic rules for discounts would be available. They are not. I realize I shouldn't complain about anything provided for free, but I wasted 40 minutes trying to figure out what I was missing.

EAV Boutique
7 minuten gebruiken de app
Staytuned heeft geantwoord 21 april 2020

Hi Eva, sorry for the confusion about our pricing. Could you point where you saw the Basic rules were included in the free version of the app? We'll change this to avoid mistakenly misguide other people like you.

In about 2 weeks from now, we'll simplify our pricing to avoid such confusion.

21 juli 2019

1) It says 7-day free trial but app doesn't prompt you to activate this feature. Very miss leading.
I am not paying $150+ and additional one time fees without seeing whether app works on my site or not.
2) App itself seems not very user friendly, very difficult to navigate.
3) I can't find what I need to do unless i stop and read every single unnecessary tabs and columns. (while trying to avoid all "subscribe, must subscribe, this feature premium only, get now..." notifications pops everywhere...)
4) Works very slow, sometimes freezes and you have to close the windows and log in to your shopify again (I have 2018 iMac , 256mps internet)
5) Finally I was able to add a rule to test it and waited 20 minutes, still n change.
6) I don't think this worth it.
Will update again for good or bad...

Botany Trade Co.
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 21 juli 2019

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

1) When you install the app, the app is free. The 7-day free trial only starts when you enable a paid subscription (monthly or yearly plan). If you need more than 7 days to test and see if the app works for your needs, contact us.
2 & 3) We're always trying to improve the admin screens, with the addition of new features it can get crowded. The main navigation is by clicking on the badges/icons in the header. We're adding a step-by-step tutorial this week admin side to make it clearer.
4) Could you explain to us step-by-step please what you did to make it freeze? This should happen. If you take the time to send us an email to, that would be very appreciated.
5) If you create a discount rule (basic or advanced), you first need to activate a subscription and therefore the 7-day free trial at the same time.
6) If you explain to us your use case, we can guide you through if it's worth for your needs or not.

16 november 2018

Very expensive app for Shopify Plus users, with no trial. $99/month on top of all the other fees, and who knows if it works or suits the customers needs?

That said, there is little to no support. The Bold discount app however calls you and helps you to see if their app will work, it didn't for us, but the customer service was incredible.

Automatic Discount - not worth it.

ML Furs
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry for the poor support. We indeed don't have any phone support, as our team is small and mostly only developers.
About the 7-day trial, it starts after you select a paid subscription, not before.

4 oktober 2018

This app used to have some functionality to it. Last time I used it the free version has everything paywalled forcing you to upgrade to premium in order to use even the basic rules. Don't waste your time with this app.

Bomb Thoughts
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Hi, thanks for the feedback. The free part of the app is the discount links feature. We've made it clearer using badges to visually show what you can/cannot access with the free plan. The discount rules (basic or advanced) are part of the paid subscription, indeed.