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8 augustus 2016

Great app, easy to install and configure in seconds! Great support by Derek and his team, detailed examples with screenshots via email to help me figure out how to do what I wanted. Thanks!

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Bewerkt 22 maart 2019

today i discovered another bug in the app if the customer selects 2items and goes to cart but what if he decides to add another item from the cart page selector to buy 3 items total he will do so and click right away the checkout button.....well the app will not work even if i dont have any other app interfering in the cart page!!! he will need to refresh the page and wait until that congrats discount pop up comes out in a few seconds wich is amazingly anti user experience so he can have his new quantity discount applied....bottom line he must be aware that he needs to go slowly and refresh each time he changes his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not mentioning the paypal express button..........!!!
Support team do sth!

20 dagen gebruiken de app
Staytuned heeft geantwoord 11 maart 2019

Hi, we sent a login request to have a look.

1) Some themes indeed require customers to click on the "Update" button in the cart page to update the cart. And sometimes, stores have several apps installed, therefore fighting for resources. That explains why our script can load slower. You can insert our script directly in your theme.liquid file (see our FAQ here, near the middle of the page: This should help loading our script faster.

2) About the Paypal Express, the best is to have it located on the Checkout page, rather than on the Cart page, for similar reasons than #1 above. Here's how you can move it from the cart to the checkout page:

25 november 2016

Not always working. I've upgraded to premium but my rules are not being applied which defeats the purpose.

Valor Watches Australia
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10 oktober 2016

The app was not working properly earlier, might be a reason I was not using it in a correct manner. But from last one week it's working perfectly fine. I made the changes today in my discounts and in a span of 2 min changes took place and automatic discount was applied.

Www Indiethnicwear Com
17 dagen gebruiken de app
12 april 2023

The app works and looks pretty good but the pricing model makes no sense. 2.9% of my sales for the app like this is outrageous. 0.6% is a lot, but acceptable I guess??? 0,6% on top of $45 every month is ridiculous. This is not a type of promotion I am running all the time in my shop. I am not willing to pay a pretty high flat fee of $45 for the app I am going to use only from time to time. You want to charge your client 45 dollars no matter what. You don't care if I use the app or not. Then, you expect me to split my profit with you on top of it, when I actually make a promotion and generate sales with the app (I already paid for). Now you care if I made sales with it. I finished the promotion on my store and I would like to disable the app for now, but I can't. Should I just run the promotion all the time? Should I pay you $45 for nothing? Should I pay you $45 for 10 days of using the app and then give you part of my profit too, uninstall the app and then install it again and configure everything from the start again???? I just can't wrap my head around this whole concept. How people agree to this is beyond me. I wish I could work with you, but it just doesn't make sense.

Słodki Bufet
15 dagen gebruiken de app
Staytuned heeft geantwoord 12 april 2023

Thank you for this review! We totally understand the frustration here and have reached out to you through e-mail to discuss alternative options.

Just so you know for the future, when you're not running any sales, you have the option to switch to our free plan, allowing you to test the waters without incurring the $49/month base fee. The best part is, you don't even need to uninstall the app. However, in the event that you do uninstall it, rest assured that all your promotions and settings will be saved. Once you reinstall the app, you'll find everything just as you left it, eliminating any worries about losing your progress or starting over.

We hope this can be a workable solution for you, and look forward to discussing over email!

27 januari 2019

I had to uninstall the app because it didnt work on my shop, i tried to contact support but there was not response for days and when they finally got back to me they mentioned we are looking into it.
I uninstalled the app and asked for the refund, they mentioned they will refund asap that was four weeks ago, i am fighting charge back on paypal.
very unprofessional and no timely response for the customer. this app makes changes to your core shopify theme, be careful if you buy this app. they make you pay for every little functionality. CEO Darek keeps promising to resolve but there is no response from him.

Aleya Collections
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8 dagen gebruiken de app
Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Hi, thanks for the feedback. The refund have been sent.
We did look into it, for many hours, if not days. The reason it didn't work for your case was the number or scripts/apps and custom code inside your theme. That's why we asked to make some changes in your theme, to try to solve the conflicts.

Sorry again that it didn't work out.

15 februari 2018

Dosnt work had customer left the cart because this app did not work :( so i uninstalled

Melissajane Botuique
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Thanks for the review and sorry for the inconveniences.

12 december 2020

I installed the app on Nov 21 and after trying to set it up and even messaging the support team, I was told what I wanted to do was not possible. Uninstalled it on Nov 24 - with 3-day-free-trial period, and to my big surprise, got charged for it on my Shopify bill this morning. I just emailed support - I hope they reimburse me. This is an extra charge I was not planning in this Covid/Christmas time when every cent is important.

HRH Equestrian
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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 12 december 2020

Hi Catherine, sorry about that. Indeed, our app makes a charge 72 hours (3 days) after the app is installed, once the free trial starts (when you select a plan and approve the charge). From what I see, you've installed and have approved the charge on November 18th and have uninstalled on 24th (

The only way for me to process a refund is if the app is still installed. Otherwise Shopify doesn't allow me to do so. As I can see, the app is uninstalled now. You can either re-install the app and I process the refund or contact Shopify Billing to open a refund request.

Si vous voulez, je peux faire les démarches pour vous auprès de Shopify pour que vous vous fassiez rembourser. J'apprécierais en retour que vous supprimiez votre avis sur cette page.

Merci et désolé, encore une fois.

- Derek

22 januari 2017

Great app with excellent support. Don't believe anyone saying they have bad support or that their service is unreliable - that's the competition trying to give them a bad rep. They answered my query on a Sunday on the Slack channel and they are releasing a brand new update that makes this app better than ever. Until Shopify starts giving everyone the most basic of features in the cart, this app is gold.

6ixman 2
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Bewerkt 24 november 2018

**UPDATE - As frustrating as that was, the developer reached out immediately and helped us fix the issue.

I want to love this app. It appears to do exactly what we need. However, we're experiencing a major issue with about 15-20% of our orders... The discount is showing on the checkout page but when a customer places the actual order, the discount isn't working. Needless to say, I am getting a lot of complaints this morning (black friday of all days).

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