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6 april 2018

This app is fabulous and my clients love the discount being automatically applied. One concern I have found is it doesn't always add the discount even if the cart total warrants it. I've had this happen 3 times already and after ensuring everything is still active on both the app and the coupon area, it seems to be an app mishap? I emailed the support and was referred to make an account and ask my question on some blog feed. Didn't like that at all and because I could never figure out where to post for help, I never have gotten to the bottom of why this happens. Would give this a 5 star rating if it weren't for these two hiccups.

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Thanks for the reviews. We closed the Slack team (some blog feed you refer to). You were right, it wasn't working. We have a ticketing platform now.

17 oktober 2016

This app is OK... pretty much the only app I could find that would do quantity discounts well without a crazy amount of install code. However, it has a couple major issues:
1) For quantity discounts, it will show the customers the discount at checkout but not on the cart page. This causes confusion with our customers as they are wondering why the discount isn't applied.
2) It shows the coupon code at checkout. This makes it very easy for someone to simply copy the code, change the qty in the cart, and checkout with a big discount. For instance, there is nothing that prevents someone from adding 5 items to their cart, getting the code, removing 4 items, pasting the code in the discount box, and checking out with the 5 qty discount with only 1 item.
3) The biggest issue: you can't offer qty discounts on multiple individual items. Shopify only allows one discount to be applied per transaction, so you can only have one discount applied. This prevents someone from getting discounts for multiple different items with tiered pricing.

My hunch is that most of these issues are problems with the shopify platform, as all of these quantity discount apps seem to have the same limitations. Shopify needs to fix this.

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Hi, thanks for the review.

1) We do have a way to show the discount and savings in the cart page, using the "Display Savings" add-on feature. We also built a new app called Carter that allows to display a coupon field in cart (page or drawer).

2) You can now add a restriction inside the Shopify discount itself, using a Minimum quantity required, for example.

3) Indeed Shopify still only allows one coupon code per order.

Bewerkt 7 november 2021

Thanks for the response. The previous issue was resolved however one issue still remains which is discount code created in the smart deal does not work at check out. if the customer forgets to key in the discount code in Cart Page and applies discount at checkout it will not be recognized. Can you provide an option to replace the message displayed at checkout when keying in the discount code created in smartdeals.? ********************************************************************************** SmartDeal - Having a discount code link ? is Not working on your app. The app behavior is not consistent. The discount link displays some times and doesn't display at times. Trying to reach your support level 1 through your app which throws an error message. Oops your form couldn’t be submitted.

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 17 oktober 2021

Reply to your updated review:
You are right, the smart deal codes won't work when customers input them manually in the discount field at checkout. There is no way for us to edit the error message there, because Shopify owns and controls the checkout page and forbids apps to run there, for all stores (except the Shopify PLUS stores). The possible solutions would be to use a smart deal LINK instead (it could be a straight link or inside a button - and once the button is clicked, it activates the smart deal), or to run the smart deal inside an automatic promotion. Another idea if you still want to use the smart deal codes manually applied, would be to make a bold text and/or a banner in the cart page to make sure people see they can apply a deal code there.

1st reply:
Hi, like mentioned via email, we have deployed a fix for showing the link on mobile devices, today (Sunday morning). The issue was caused by a script in your theme, we've identified the cause yesterday (Saturday) and then have replied to you, but our email got blocked by your mail provider. Or second email today also got denied by your mail provider. I've used my gmail address to make a followup with you, this one wasn't blocked.

Side note: you have a script that reloads the page every 30 seconds or so, it’s added in the theme, which might hurt the user experience.

Let us know if you need more help, with our app or anything else.


27 november 2017

I don't understand what this app does that the default Shopify discounts app doesn't already do?

I can get a shareable link with the discount applied already

I'm willing to change my rating if presented compelling evidence

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Thanks for the review. This discount links feature is indeed really similar to Shopify's shareable discount links. And that's why this part of the app is free. The main difference is the discount rules (applying discounts automatically, based on what's in the cart) as well as the add-on features like a way to display the discount & savings in the cart, to show a Congrats popup when a rule is met and a discount is applied, the prefilled carts with a discount attached to them and so on.

Bewerkt 14 september 2016

Glad to see it worked for others but unfortunately it did not for work for me. The developer said it was because of my theme. So I opt for another app and it works fine. In addition, I will give this a try again if there are more features.

It is good they give a free trial, so try it before buy it.

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Staytuned heeft geantwoord 16 april 2019

Hi, a few years past since you tried the app. We made improvements to work in any Shopify theme and added some new features. Let me know if you want to try it again.